Review Policy

You might wonder what I enjoy about blogging.  Well primarily I blog what I like or what I am asked by others to share.  I showcase clothing and creations as well as build and locations. I always share at least one picture from my blog via my Flickr and I link to my twitter and tumblr too.  I occasionally blog specific events, and I’m very appreciative of those opportunities.  If you take a look at my blog and think you’d like for me to share your creations, by all means, let me know.  Message me in world, via Flickrmail or email and provide a landmark, SLURL and some information about your brand. I will definitely stop in and if I choose to blog any of your creations after that, I’ll let you know.  After that or in general, if you’d like to provide any new releases for me to share, feel free to do so.  I will do my best to blog the items in an effort to support you and your creativity.

I have a male alt that sometimes makes an appearance on the blog so that I can show male items or poses.  His name is SolExistence Resident.  If you’d like for me to share male clothing, I’m happy to but the items will need to be sent to SolExistence unless they are transfer.  I also have a child avatar (toddleedoo infant/toddler) named Soleil Mhia that I can use for pics…

I am also able to double log so I can capture pics with multiple avis.

For those items that are provided to me as a review copy, I will be identifying these in credits with an @ (at sign) in keeping with the FTC guidelines.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog and for considering me to share your creations!



Contact Info:

In-World:  Sunshine Zhangsun   (my offlines go to my email!)



Male Alt In-World:  SolExistence Resident
Child Alt In-World:  Soleil Mhia

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