.. the rainbow eucalyptus ..

Human nature is not a machine to be built after a model,
and set to do exactly the work prescribed for it,
but a tree, which requires to grow and develop itself on all sides,
according to the tendency of the inward forces which make it a living thing. 
— John Stuart Mill


062218 blog Little Branch Rainbow Eucalpytus


The Little Branch has this beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus tree in Second Life and the tree is currently available at the current round of the Illuminate event (June 18th to July 13th). This Rainbow Eucalyptus is a 4-season tree with animation. The tree has a colorful bark and a lovely curved trunk. It would fit in with any tropical environment in the virtual world.

Read more about the real-life Rainbow Eucalyptus at Gardening Know How:
The bark of a rainbow eucalyptus tree is its most amazing feature. The bark peels off at the end of the season which unveils new bark with bright colors. This process of peeling causes streaks of red, orange, green, blue and gray. While the colors are more intense on trees grown in its native areas, it can still be one of the most colorful trees grown.

  • the scientific name is Eucalyptus deglupta
  • it has intense color and an astringent fragrance
  • it is native to New Guinea, Philippines, and Indonesia
  • it is the only eucalyptus that is indigenous to the northern hemisphere
  • it also can grow in non-frost regions of the US such as Hawaii and Southern California and Florida
  • the size is generally up to 250 feet in its natural habitat but only to around 100-125 feet in other regions of the world
  • the true flowers are greenish yellow and are not very visible. It is the four bracts surrounding the flower that really show off.
  • in the fall, there are glossy red ‘berries’ and the leaves turn a glorious reddish-purple color
  • birds love it



LB_RainbowEucalyptus{Animated}4Seasons @ (currently at Illuminate)
LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B @ (included in the box)
LB_Hill-v1{Low Li} @ (included in the box)

Myrrine – Fence set – white wood – 1B

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.. to the cottage of my dreams ..

Dreams grow wild in the daydreamer’s soul.
~Terri Guillemets

little branch 052518 various blog

Down the lane, you will find the sweet little cottage where an afternoon spent alone could revive your senses. Imagine spending the time drinking tea with the book that you so wanted to delve in to open on your lap. Hearing the sounds of the birds chirping and breeze stirring, would you just rather close your eyes and dream?

Where would your imagination take you? Would you travel through time or across the world? Would you dive into your book and enjoy the characters as one? Perhaps you might dream that you were no longer alone but with a friend or maybe your love.

Sometimes we want to share what we so enjoy. But… do you want to share this place – the place where you can escape and have the time to focus on you and your thoughts? For me, it would be my solace, my own space and I don’t believe I’d want to share with just any friend. The friend I would choose to share this space with would be a special one; one that understood the need for such a sanctuary.

I know who I would invite… do you?



In this blog, I am featuring several items from The Little Branch including the Flowering Dogwood v2 which is available at the Sense event until June 7. This beautiful tree has a lovely twisted trunk, is a 2 season tree and is lightly animated. You will also see the Yellow Orchid Tree v2 which can be found at the faMESHed event until June 10. It is such a lovely garden tree with 3 seasons and a little animation. The Moonshade Flower shrub is along the path and beside the cottage. A very versatile shrub that offers color change to white, pink, blue, lavender, or yellow blossoms.  This is currently available at The Chapter 4 until May 31. All of these are copy/modify so you can change the sizing.



LB_FloweringDogwood.v2{Animated}Seasons (Sense) @
LB_MoonFlowerShrub.V1 {Animated} (The Chapter 4) @
LB_YellowOrchidtree.v2{Animated}Seasons (faMESHed) @
LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh @
LB_Bouton d’or Pink{Rounded-Field}
LB_Buffalograss.v2{Mesh}Animated @
LB_ WhiteOrchidTree.v2{Animated} @

Botanical – Dirt Road Straight
dust bunny . makeshift mailbox . pink
Heart – Ancient Stone Pathway – straight 2
JIAN Playful Pibbles 3. Adult Wanderer (The Arcade June 2017) @
JIAN Playful Pibbles 7. White Companion Pup (The Arcade June 2017) @
DRD LN Lovers nest cottage FULL REZZ (The Arcade June 2016) @
{what next} Bellevie Chair 2 (Bento)
{what next} Bellevie Chair 1 (Bento)
Myrrine 01 Garden Gacha – garden cabinet wide
Myrrine 09 Garden Gacha – potteries
Myrrine 04 Garden Gacha – screen with vines RARE



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.. the moonflower shade ..

The way a moonflower shies from the sun
So I shied from you
Turning my face away,
Placing myself in shadow
So that your light would not penetrate me.
In shadow I remain, until the night arrives
When I look to the sky,
Reaching for the moon and
The only light I can grasp to,
Wanting to scream into the torturous quiet.


little branch moonflower shade 051818


The moonflower shade is a lovely plant. In our real life, the plant can grow up to 90 feet as a vine. The beautiful flowers only bloom at night… thus the name “moonflower”.  In cooler climates, it is an annual and must be planted by seed each year. In tropical and sub-tropical climates, it can grow in a more wild fashion.

If ever you are looking for a beautiful flower to grace your garden in the evenings and nights, choose the moonflower. The gorgeous blossoms only appear in the late afternoon/evening and will disappear as the sun rises the following morning. The bloom actually dies and is replaced the following evening by yet another. The flowers have a gentle fragrance that provides a sweetness to the evening and night air.

The large blossoms and their fragrance attracts night-flying insects such as moths which in turn pollinate. Imagine your garden at night… a moth hovering over a moonflower shade blossom gathering the pollen… a delight to our senses.  The moonflower beckons us to visit our gardens at night, to think of the creatures that visit, and possibly even encourages us to believe that fairies do exist.

Moonflowershade 1

Just a little general information about the Moonflower Shade (shared from Den Garden)

  • the scientific name is Ipomoea alba
  • the family for the Moonflower Shade is Convolvulaceae (convolvulas)
  • it is native to tropical and subtropical parts of South and Central America as well as Florida
  • the size is generally 15 to 90 feet
  • the flowers can be 6 inches across in the native climate
  • blooms only in the evening and night with blossoms dying as soon as the sun hits the petals

The Little Branch has recreated this beautiful Moonflower Shade in Second Life and it is currently available at the May round of The Liaison Collaborative event through May 26th. The Little Branch has created this plant as a four-trunked version. It is lightly animated and an option for blossoms in white, lavender, pink, blue, and yellow.


LB_MoonFlowerShade{Animated} @ (currently at The Liaison Collaborative)


Cliff Pointe, my current beach home on Ash Falls, a lovely residence designed by Leaf Peyton and Julz Rainfall of dirty.pretty



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