.. united we relay ..

RFL Sol Existence Campsite 1

Team Sol Existence Campsite

Tomorrow, Saturday July 14, the 2018 Relay For Life of Second Life event opens at 10am SLT. The opening ceremony will be followed by the Survivor/Caregiver Lap – the Honor Lap. Everyone stands along the side of the track to cheer these amazing people on as they make that first lap. The others will step onto the track after the Honor Lap and the Relay event is on! In Second Life, the event is 24 hours from opening to closing. Throughout the 24 hours – there are activities, entertainment, and continual laps around the 30 regions. At 9pm SLT on Saturday night, the regions will go dark and the luminaria bags will glow while we listen to the names of those that we honor and remember are read across the stream. The Luminaria Ceremony is one of the most touching and emotional parts of a Relay event. The activities and entertainment will continue until the closing ceremony at 9am SLT on Sunday morning.

rfl stage

One of the Activities Regions

rfl entertainment schedule

Entertainment Schedule

RFL survivors

Survivors/Caregivers Region

Relay For Life is a signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Each year, thousands of Relay events are held in communities across the US and 27 other countries. The funds that are raised go towards services and research. This includes services specifically for cancer patients and their loved ones – Hope Lodge where the patient and their loved one can stay while undergoing treatment away from home; Road To Recovery offers transportation to/from treatment for the patient; National Cancer Information Center – the 24/7 call center where you can call for info whether you have been diagnosed, you are a caregiver or loved one, you are a researcher, you want to volunteer or maybe even donate… the helpful, knowledgeable staff will help you with your query.

RFL Scorpian Stingers

Scorpion Stingers’ Campsite – doing it right (they have a fundraising kiosk for every team rezzed) ❤

RFL sting designer parcel

Designer region by Stingray (at entrance to Activities region)

I have been involved with Relay since 2008 when a new friend invited me to join their team. Throughout that first year and event, I was amazed to see how people come together for such a good reason in our virtual world. Over the years, I participated at differing levels from team member to committee member and sponsor. Because of my involvement in Second Life, I decided to jump into volunteering in my first life too. Since 2015, I have been volunteering at a local community, state, regional level. I am currently the Event Lead for the 2018 and 2019 Relay For Life seasons with my local community. I also serve as the SE Regional Communication/Online Lead working with a national team to provide “news you can use” in various mediums to volunteers nationwide. Volunteering for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society is always a very rewarding experience. Walking around the track at any event, you will see the community spirit in the interactions and environment. Hosting survivors and caregivers at our local event is so heartwarming. But no matter what event I’m attending, it is the Luminaria Ceremony that means the most. It might be different within each community but all the same – emotional, touching, meaningful and the reason we need to be out on that track and raising funds year-round.

RFL Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Cooperative team campsite

Consider visiting the Relay For Life of Second Life regions this weekend. More information can be found via my fundraising dashboard << HERE >> just check out the Event page. Of course, I’d be honored if you felt inclined to donate too 🙂

RFL Sol Existence Campsite 2

my campsite from the track 🙂

The Activities Regions are where the ceremonies will take place >>
Activities 1   and   Activities 2  and my campsite is << HERE >>… I’ve love to see you!

.. we bloom ..

063018 blog Little Branch Spring Blossom


The Little Branch continues to create beauty. Each tree, flower, ground covering that Cari creates can be woven thoughtfully into a lovely landscape. This Spring Blossoms tree is no exception. The HUD for this tree changes the tree from pink to white or blue. It also has a winter option so that it can be used in multiple seasons. Inside the box, you’ll also find two version of summer snakeweed, animated grass and a mesh low hill …everything you need to create a pretty scene. The Spring Blossoms tree can be found until July 13th at the Limit8 event.

063018 blog Little Branch Spring Blossom b

Shrines shill my youth
These things I’ve waited for
I’m bound to you
You breathe my feathers all

We Bloom
Feathers bloom
For you


Now so high my wax waning
I feel Eos heave
To the ground I go

On shattered roots
I lay down listless
The house will fall with me
For all your paper ghosts
I breathe feathers

We bloom
Feathers bloom
For you






LB_SpringBlossomsTree{Animated}*4Seasons @ (currently at Limit8)
LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B @ (included in the box)
LB_Hill-v1{Low Li} @ (included in the box)

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.. with the words that you said ..


First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you,
then they fight you,
and then you win.
             ~  Mahatma Gandhi


062818 Arcade Blog 3 a

062818 Arcade Blog 3 b

The faces up on the wall
Do they protect us
If we should fall

In the war
We were sent overseas
We were both seventeen
But we crossed our eyes
And we lost our tease
And they took our hands
(Tell me on the way home)
And they bound our feet
(I loved it when you said that)
For another road
(Even when we lost you)
To another defeat
(I knew you’d always come back)
And I was still shaking
With the words that you said
When you told me that we would
Always be friends

~ “The War” by Haux •♫•°☊°•♫•



Featuring Items from the June 2018 Round of Arcade @

I’m wearing:

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Body Applier: [ MUDSKIN ]_Maitreya Body Applier_106(GIRL) (June 2018 Arcade) @
Earrings: MIWAS / Sakura samurai Earring #Pink (June 2018 Arcade) @
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Head Applier: [ MUDSKIN ]_MEI # BARE SKIN SET2(CATWA)106 (June 2018 Arcade) @
Eyes: CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v3.0
Eyes Applier: Izzie’s Tokyo Eyes
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Fruit of the Bloom [apricots] (June 2018 Arcade) @
Outfit: MIWAS / Sakura samurai Kimono RARE (June 2018 Arcade) @
Shoes/Stockings: MIWAS / Sakura samurai Geta #Light (June 2018 Arcade) @
Weapon: MIWAS / Sakura samurai Katana #Pink (June 2018 Arcade) @
Add-on: MIWAS / Sakura samurai Sakura bubble#Gold (June 2018 Arcade) @
Add-on: MIWAS/Sakura samurai Sakura petal on body#Pink(June 2018 Arcade)@

POSEMIWAS / Sakura samurai Katana Pose HUD Katana03 (June 2018 Arcade) @

BackdropBUENO-Cubes-Cold (June 2018 Arcade) @