The Relay for Life of Second Life Main Event starts today (Saturday, 7/17) with opening ceremonies at 10am SLT. The Survivors will hit the track at 11am, with Caregivers walking at noon. Then we are ALL on the track until tomorrow morning! 24 hours of Relay for Life in Second Life…we are here, are you? It is an amazing journey and we would be thrilled to have more join us on the track. Yes, there is LAG; yes, you will crash; yes, you might cry; and yes, you will feel good about being out here supporting all that suffer from this disease.

It is not too late to donate to provide funds to American Cancer Society to be used for research and other services. Already $200,000 USD raised since March… how much will we end with?? Come out today and show your support to this very important event… one of the largest events that is held in Second Life annually.

Walk with me… and my fellow teammates of Eternal Beacon!


Surf for a Cure – Surf Marathon (an RFL of SL Fundraising Event)

This is a busy weekend for Relay for Life in Second Life events with most all teams trying to pull together their final fund-raisers prior to the big finale on July 17/18 – THE RELAY! 

I want to tell you about a fun active event taking place tomorrow (Saturday, July 10th) that I am supporting…Riders for a Cure will be sponsoring a “Surf-a-Thon” event…from 9am SLT until 10pm SLT, surfers will carry the ‘torch’ from surf venue to surf venue to raise linden for Relay for Life in Second Life. 

  • Sol Mananero day \o/          9am to 11am
  • SLSA Sim                                    11am to 1pm
  • Tai                                                   1pm to 3pm
  • Tsunami Beach                          3pm to 5pm
  • WOI                                                5pm to 7pm
  • Tuli Bahari                                   7pm to 9pm
  • Mori Pwani                                  9pm to 10pm

We do hope that everyone will make it onto the waves at one or more locations to surf and donate!  RFL Kiosks will be set up to collect the funds and there will be loaner boards…AND a special edition RFL board donated by SSI will be available for sale too!  Any questions can be presented to Lissa Pinion or hit me up as well!  

Hope to see you on the waves!


Going Bald… Successfully!

As you saw from my previous post, a “Bid Me Bald” event to raise funds for the Relay for Life of Second Life campaign was held on Sunday, March 21 at Sol Mañanero Surf.  The RFL of SL team Eternal Beacon, hosted and our team captain, Dione Kohime, pulled double duty and DJ’d as well. 

It was a fun-filled event.  I had opposing kiosks set up.  One asking party-goers to bid for me to be bald, and one asking to let me keep my hair.  There was a definite push as it was evident just who wanted me bald and who loves to see me in hair!  LOL   Each time Linden were paid to the “Bid Me Bald” kiosk, I would groan…and then Linden would drop into the “Keep Me in Hair” kiosk to which I would cheer!  For 2 hours, we were entertained with the music that DJ Dione laid down from awesome mash-ups to songs about Sunshine/Sunny/etc… we danced, chatted, hoo’d and laughed!   One of my friends, Kekoa Arbizu, filmed the party and put together this video…take a look, it tells you a bit more about the “Bid Me Bald” event and shows us having a great time!! 

At the end of the event… looking to the kiosks, I found that those that favored the Baldness came in a bit higher requiring me to be bald for 2 days!  And then after some late breaking donations were made through Monday night (after this photo was done), I was up to 3 days bald! 

A Successful Event for Relay for Life of Second Life!


Now…the coolest thing about this whole event?!?  We raised over L$126,000 Linden for Relay for Life of Second Life benefitting American Cancer Society (late donations totaling an additional 2800L were received after above photo done).  The generosity of all amazed me and while I know that many might have wanted to see me bald for more days, I think that the offsetting kiosks worked to bring in more linden!!!   Thank you all to those that joined me and that paid my kiosk through Monday night for that reason.  The “Bid Me Bald” event for Sunshine is over… hmmm should I do another one?  🙂 

Bald IS Beautiful!!! 🙂


‘Til Next Time… 


Be sure to visit … to find out more info or donate USD! 

My RFL of SL ACS Webpage 

Eternal Beacon’s RFL of SL ACS Webpage 

The Relay for Life of Second Life Webpage 

Credits:  Video by Kekoa Arbizu of the Waterfront Group; My Outfit by Likka House; Music by DJ Dione