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2014 RFL of SL Silent Art Auction



The 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life Design/Events Division is proud to present a Silent Art Auction to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life. The Auction will feature the work from 20+ wonderful photographers/artists of Second Life and will be held on the Activities Regions during the 2014 Relay For Life event.

The Auction will open to the public on July 19th when the RFL of SL regions open. The Auction will close at 1pm SLT on Sunday, July 20th at which time the winning bidders will be determined based upon the highest bid.  100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life benefiting the American Cancer Society.   Landmarks will be provided closer to the event day.

This Silent Auction takes place during our 2014 Relay For Life event so there will be upwards of 3,000 avatars milling about as they take to the track to experience all the builds along the track.  In addition there will be entertainment on the Activities regions with DJs, Live Musicians, Productions, Snail Races, other Auctions and Raffles, along with Team Merchant Areas.

The SL photographers/artists that plan to participate include:

Awesome Fallen
Blue Six
Bryn Oh
Darys Laine
Domitalia Jinx
Fingol GreyHaven
Hezekiah Jouvenet
Jewell Wirefly
Journey McLaglen
Kayleigh Lavender
Lam Erin
Max Romero
Miles Cantelou
Murdock “Doc” Beningborough
Rhea Choral
Rose Arisen
Sare Ethaniel
Serei Guena
Silvermoon Fairey
Wildstar Beaumont


Thank you to all that are participating!!


*If you would like to participate and donate a piece to be auctioned for this charity event, please contact Sunshine Zhangsun before July 14th*

Cadeling Garden

Today, I again peeked into the Showcase Search section in Second Life.  First listing under Editors’ Picks is Cadeling Garden.  The photo wasn’t all that alluring, but since the description indicated that this was the world of two French artists, I thought… Let me go see!  I teleported over and landed right in water, or so I thought.  Actually the whole sim is just a bit underwater as if it has been flooded a wee bit.  This allows the scenic spots to be connected by stepping stones and adds to the beauty.

The sim has two buildings and the rest is open space with areas to have a sit or swing all around.  One building houses the real life art of Cadel Abubakar and Ling Serenity.  The other building is used for Ling’s shop, Bird Next Door.  Bird Next Door (or BND) has some cute items and the prices are amazingly affordable.

This couple displays their love for art and serene spaces in such a loving manner.  I am pleased that I decided to visit Cadeling Garden and recommend that you do too!

The words in the water … such a beautiful idea…are the lyrics from “From the Top of the World” by My Brightest Diamond:

At the end of the sea
There waits my wind
To carry me

Through storms we will sail ahead
Just to gaze at the top of the world

From the bottom of the world
We looked up and saw the moon
And gazing at it then we fell
In love,  in love

So we made up our minds
To arrive smiling
Yet we made up our minds
To touch the height of life
And find out what we felt for it
How we felt for it, How we felt for it

From the top of the world
We looked up and saw the sun
And gazing at it then we fell
In love, in love