.. HGE is going strong ..

The Home and Garden Expo in Second Life opened on February 14th and as of this morning (2/17), more than L$1.5 million has been raised. That equates to just over US$6,000!  There is still over 2.5 weeks to visit and loads of things to see, events to attend and auctions of breedable exclusives.

Today I am sharing items from VersaTile, DayDreamers, Broken Creek Decor, GOOD Furniture and Serendipity Designs all found on the Hope 7 region.

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From The 2016 Home and Garden Expo:
Adult Pallet Sofa from Daydreamers by xƝιηנα-Plz (loz100loz) @
Pallet Table from from Daydreamers by xƝιηנα-Plz (loz100loz) @
Mobile Mind #2 Wall Decor from VersaTile by Hannah Daviau
Cactus Terra Mesh Pot from Broken Creek Decor by Cinders Vale @
Beach Lounger – Gold Wood from GOOD Furniture by Callirhoe Ballyhoo @
Cabarita Rug from Serendipity Designs by Kyra Ishtari @

Additional Items in the Scene:
(fd) Cat – 10 Scared (past Arcade) @
(fd) Cat – 04 Stretched On Back (past Arcade) @
Caboodle – Heart Pillows
[ zerkalo ] Cozy Log Cabin – House – RARE (past Arcade) @

.. 2016 Home and Garden Expo ..

The Home and Garden Expo of Second Life opens tomorrow. This annual event is one of the mega-events that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFLofSL) and The American Cancer Society.  In 2016, the Expo celebrates its 9th year on the grid. This event brings 10 sims of home and garden designers together where each exhibits their exciting new offerings.  Each exhibitor is required to offer 2 exclusive items for 100% donation to Relay For Life of Second Life.  Additionally there are hunt items throughout the sims that can be purchased for a L$10 donation as well.  Also at the Expo, you will find The Breedables Expo where you can find some awesome and unique breedables. Any auction presented at the Expo will result in 100% of all proceeds donated to RFLofSL.

All in all, the Expo is always a wonderful time. You can stroll around discovering new creators and designs, find a fun new breedable, attend the many events, and donate – donate – donate to Relay For Life of Second Life raising funds for The American Cancer Society.

The 2016 Home and Garden Expo opens on February 14, 2016.  To find out more, check out the website.  To find out more about Relay For Life of Second Life, click here.


In this post, I am featuring some of the designers/creators found on the Hope 7 region at The Expo.

HGE Blog 021316

HGE Blog b 021316


From The 2016 Home and Garden Expo:
House:  Jolie by Glas Houses created by Sandi Glas
Fern Terra Pot by Broken Creek Decor created by Cinders Vale
Hibiscus Terra Pot by Broken Creek Decor created by Cinders Vale
Modern Bench by Wild Kajaera created by QueenFelinea
Garden Compass by Nola’s Notions created by Nola Hellershanks and Leviathan Hydraconis

Other Items:
Trees: HPMD and Alirium
Grass: Frog’s Garden and Botanical
Flowers: Garden of Dreams
Car: Wax On/Wax Off Convertible by Con. (past Arcade)
Car: Hitsuji Motors AH3000 D2 white by Deci Dojoji
Road: Spring/Summer Road by Izzie’s