.. somewhere to hide ..

Sometimes we have a need to hide away and not interact as much. The things that can cause this range from illness, stress, need to get things done, focus, to tiredness, fear, and a number of other things.  This week, I’m suffering from a real life injury and I am struggling meeting some requirements and obligations in this virtual life. I log in and typing is rather painful so I try to only be here in spurts, but then i realize…oops… I need to get a few things done. Hopefully I’ll be back to norm in the next week… my real life goals are suffering much more and I’m just behind in so many places.


“We’ll find somewhere to hide, we’ll stay out of sight
Until we know everything is alright.
Baby, just keep searching, you’re safe
Don’t worry, we’ll find somewhere to hide.”

blog 032215 the arcade march  little hopper anc etham

The Arcade Gacha Event is open until March 31st.  The creators/designers really have released so many fun and awesome things. The fun of playing at the gacha is always there, and so many others are out in the marketplace at flea markets and yard sales.  Whatever way you find your Arcade Gacha fix, it can work… but if you want to ensure you have a chance at any of the items that are out for the event, be sure to drop in and try before the 31st since you never know if you’ll find your favored item.


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