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Nodnol Jameson has been a busy busy bee over the past weeks as she prepared for the opening of her new store – Kraftwork.  I shared the amazing store location last post and today I’m previewing her release for the “Lost and Found” event that opens tomorrow (November 22, 2016).  This set includes a sofa, small side table, a rug, a 2-frame set and a longhorn skull – all part of The Marfa Collection from Kraftwork.


In this second pic, the pose is from the sofa which has both single and couple poses. It’s great for 2 friends or a more romantic couple.  The cute little table holds a diary and the detail is so awesome.  The prints are simple but have such a sweet message.  The skull (seen in the top pic) is colorful and very detailed as well. And the rug has a fur texture that you could just bury your toes in.

Be sure to check out Kraftwork at this month’s Lost and Found starting tomorrow.  And to keep up with all the awesomeness that Nod is bringing to the grid – be sure to like the Kraftwork Facebook page too!


The Scene:
From Kraftwork – Release for Lost and Found opening November 22 @

  • KraftWork_Marfa_Bajio_Skull
  • KraftWork_Marfa_Cocoon_Sofa
  • KraftWork_Marfa_Diary_Table
  • KraftWork_Marfa_Love_You._Prints
  • KraftWork_Marfa_Rug

HPMD Trees
Cow Looking by Hannah Kozlowski
JIAN Lively Labs :: Chocolate Wander Pup (past Arcade) @
JIAN Lively Labs :: White Wander Pup (past Arcade) @

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Skin: [theSkinnery] Daria Catwa Applier – Honey
Head: CATWA Head Annie v4.9
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Field
Hair: MINA Hair – Gizem (no materials) (Hairology)
Earrings: EarthStones Dragonfly Earring – Multi
Necklace: EarthStones Dragonfly Necklace – Multi
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3
Bracelet: EarthStones Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet – Multi
Ring: EarthStones Dragonfly Ring – Multi
Dress: !gO! Irena dress – Maitreya Lara
Sweater: !gO! Irena sweater – Maitreya Lara
Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5
Facial Scars:  DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for CATWA Heads *Cuts & Scars* No. 2
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Tattoo:  White Widow Chocolat


.. kraftwork ..



I always love finding new creators and creations in our virtual world.  This time I’ve been blessed to find that new creator amongst my friends.  Nodnol Jameson is not new to Second Life, but she is just now bringing her 3D creation skills to the grid.  With her new store, Kraftwork, she presents whimsical, unique, useful and cool creations for our homes.  Nod is very creative and fun-loving and this shows with the items that she has created.  With the help of her  partner, Oobleck (Allagash) the Kraftwork brand has been pre-marketed and received very favorably via social media and word of mouth.  If you are familiar with the couple, you might also remember that this is the team that brought us “West of the Rain“, a sim that I blogged a few months ago.



I finally had the opportunity to visit the new store last night.  First of all, the Kraftwork store makes me smile from the landing point through the build.  It is located inside a cardboard house in the sky – the same house that as a smaller model serves as the packaging for the goods sold in the store.  As you walk in and follow the arrows drawn on the cardboard, you pass cardboard flowers, trees, and even a car!  The actual store build is also Nod’s own design and is available for sale too – a concrete open space that works perfectly for this purpose.


Nod has put together a variety of items to start up Kraftwork including chairs, tables, a bed, wall decor, lights, etc.  It has an eclectic creative vibe and most anyone will find something that they love and will fit well in their virtual home.  The details on the pieces are well defined and you can see the care that Nod has taken to present a good product and design for her customers.  The textures fit the pieces wonderfully and there are color change options in several of the items too.  I liked all the animations too – good smooth fun single and couples options.


Awesome packaging and the CPH Arm Chair


Bajio Bed, Bajio Bench, Marfa Denim Chair, Shoreditch End Table, Marfa Mystery Lights


The Restless Rocker, CPH Arm Chair, Third Wheel Tables, Moo Day Bed, Texas Flag, and Marfa Denim Chair

Kraftwork officially opened to the public today.  I think you should all check out this new designer and store as soon as you can!  Nod plans to release new items every week or so.  And I have a feeling we are in store for some more amazingly fun, creative, useful and artistic items!


The ZED Chair – perfect for a bar stool!

Find Kraftwork in Second Life >>  HERE
Find Kraftwork on Facebook >>  HERE
Find Kraftwork on Flickr >>  HERE  (and be sure to post your pics here too!)

Thank you to both Nod and to Oobleck for bringing Kraftwork to the grid and for allowing me a glimpse into your creative world! ❤


The Scene:
From Kraftwork by Nodnol Jameson @

  • The Main Store Box!
  • Kraftwork Build Zero
  • Bajio Bed
  • Bajio Bench
  • Marfa Denim Chair
  • Marfa Mystery Lights
  • Shoreditch End Table
  • The Restless Rocker
  • CPH Arm Chair
  • Moo Day Bed
  • Third Wheel Table
  • Texas Flag
  • The ZED Chair

Slight Wild Grass from Garden by {anc}
Trees from HPMD

I’m wearing:
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Facial Scars:  DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for CATWA Heads *Cuts & Scars* No. 2
Tattoo:  White Widow Chocolat


(remembering Leonard Cohen)

.. wanna keep on loving you ..

Because it was us baby way before them
& we’re still together
& I meant every word I said
When I said that I love you I meant that I love you forever

& I’m gonna keep on loving you
Because it’s the only thing I wanna do
I don’t wanna sleep
I just wanna keep on loving you

blog 060716 rama dress

The Scene:
{Blithe} Ballroom

I’m wearing:
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: [theSkinnery] Daria (Catwa Applier) – honey
Freckles: [theSkinnery] Maitreya Freckles Applier
Head: CATWA Head Annie v4.9
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Field
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR May [Swept Bangs] [1 Side]
Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Amala necklace – Crystal
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Rings: ieQED anne.ring.set.silver.right
Rings: ieQED jessi.rings.silver
Bracelet: Cae :: Mantra :: Peace :: Bracelet (faMESHed)
Bracelet: [sYs] RIO bracelet (R) – gold
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an lár [poses] The All That Series – Two @