Merry Christmas to All!!!

Have the happiest of holidays !!! 🙂  May your days be full of love and great cheer!  Hope that all your wishes are granted, and that you have the opportunity to enjoy the days with friends and family.  Our Christmas will be celebrated over a few days as most are in SL, whenever we can steal a few minutes to celebrate, we will come together to do that.

This photo was taken at the Yule Log scene at Dreaming Night in Happy Mood. If you get the chance, go see the three holiday related scenes that the creators have built.  So cute and whimsical too!!


Happy Holidays!!!!

Hello All!

Jac and I were talking the other day about the blog I started for Sol Mañanero Surf on blogger… and we thought, why limit it to just our sim and estate?  We both agreed that it might be rather fun to blog about what our experiences in Second Life.   So, here we are…and with our tag line being – Our Second Life – the sun, the moon, the water, and the stars – we are covering it all.  We will consider the stars to include the beaches, the waves, the people, the estates, the sims, the music, the fashion and all of the creations found.  I had only just started the other blog, so I’m not sure if I will transfer it or not, but I wanted to try wordpress as a host as well.  So here I am 😉 

In Second Life, Jac and I exist upon our sim, Sol Mañanero.  We have our home on our main sim with the public beach as well.  Our home is a limited release by Patch Thibaud.  There were only 3 released with similar elements, but each of the 3 has something unique.  I bid in a Relay for Life auction run by Frolic Mills in 2008 and was able to snag this home while making a rather healthy donation to the charity!  Jac did an amazing job of terraforming the sim and placing the home allowing it to sit at a nice elevation with water filled canyons, waterfalls and lush landscaping all around.  This is the 3rd location that I have rezzed this home and honestly, it has never looked better in my opinion with beautiful vistas from all points.  We have had fun filling it with furniture, adding artistic pieces, and making it a fun place to show!

Our surf sim sits out to the west where we invite all to come play on the waves.  At times you will find SSI Pipes or Epics… and at other times, there is the HP Teahupoo wave gracing the sim.  If at home, we are always willing to put out boards to let those new to SL surfing to hit the water and rip through the waves.  Ok…yeah… you might not “rip’ on the first attempt, but if you enjoy it… you will soon enough!  You will find yourself buying a board, and visiting the various surf beaches in Second Life to practice, practice, practice!  We will give you some pointers, some info to take with you and landmarks as well.  Never hesitate to ask us… we love to see new people on the waves.  We also have a few shops on our sim with merchants such as Namiko, LeLutka, Jak’s Surf, Frankie Miles Creations and our own Sol Mañanero Surf Shop, all offering beach/surf wear and gear.  We would love to see you hanging on the beach, shopping in the shops, or shredding the waves, so come on over soon!

We have a new venture… The Cabañas of Sol Escondido, a rental community just adjacent to the surf sim.  Jac really has created a beautiful sim offering 8 cabañas scattered around on a main island and 3 small islands.  Each cabaña on the main island has its own waterfall and little pool to enjoy with all the natural sounds of nature to accompany.  Call us for a tour or head over for a visit today. 


Well, I will close for now with my plan to blog again soon!  I hope that you will follow our adventures, reviews, rantings and ravings as we discover the ‘stars’ of Second Life as we ‘exist in the sun’.  😉

For now… may the sun, moon and stars light your way 🙂