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Just Visiting 020213 a

Those of you that are Flickr followers might have seen some beautiful pics from the sim known as “Just Visiting“.  The sim name is Annwn Willows and the build has been created by Joanna Corith and friends in the “Just Visiting” group.  The creation offers mostly water with 5 areas that offer a different scene – from summery grass land to winter trees.  It provides beautiful backdrops for pics and also has a few areas for couples and friends to spend time together dancing or just hanging out.  In the past week, I have visited a couple of times, and the scenes have changed a bit which makes it more interesting.  While there, be sure to take the teleport to the shops in the sky where the creators sell a few things.

Just Visiting 020213 b

Just Visiting 020213 c

Support the creators in SL, whether they make the clothes your avatar wears, the items you use or create beautiful scenes to enjoy.