.. cica’s *r u s t* ..

Cica Rust 5

You might remember that I posted about Cica Ghost’s installation on LEA13 in early February.  That was her black and white hand drawn animated world.  It was one of my favorite creations in such a long time.  Well, we are in a new LEA season, and I stopped by LEA13 again just to see what might be here.  Cica once again is building an incredible world called “Rust” and while still under construction, I couldn’t stop myself from taking pics and tell you about it!  This installation is so different from the last, in all but Cica’s signature “hat” shape.

Cica Rust 6

There are machines, chains, mushrooms, balloons, birds, and buildings all in a rusted metal finish.  Nearly everything is again animated and it is fascinating to walk around the path.. watching the mushroom hats and springs pop from the ground or the water/oil drip from screens and faucets to the gear shaped flowers sprouting all about.  Look for the elephant family and the big bird on the hill looking over eggs in cages.

Cica Rust 1

Cica Rust 3

There are many things that you can sit upon and be a part of the exhibit, or you can just perch in a chair and reflect on the muddy rusty atmosphere.  Cica Ghost is doing it again, another fascinating build on LEA13.

Cica Rust 2

This is truly what LEA is about… the opportunity for creativity to be shared with others.  Be sure to visit “Rust” soon… and again, after that, just to be sure you don’t miss anything that Cica plans to share with us.

Cica Rust 4


* C i c a *

CICA Ghost at Lea September 2012

Last September, when I first visited the LEA13 sim where Cica Ghost had built her art installation, it was not quite finished.  I was totally enamored by the concept and amazed at how it came together.  I visited again over and over as the days passed and it was like visiting a drawing as it was coming together.  Cica has built a black and white hand drawn community including houses, park areas, musicians, various people, a rainy spot and a lake with fish!  As you walk along the sidewalk, you feel the sense of movement as the trees and grass sways, and the waves in the water lap against the shore.  It is a very creative build.  Cica also sells her items at her shop so you can build your own environment on your own parcel.

Cica 1

Cica 2

Cica 4

Cica 5

Visit LEA13 today and see this fun, whimsical exhibit… it should make you smile.