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Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 a

Tonight, I tp’d in to LEA 11 and found such a fascinating build.  Musiclandia, created by Livio Korobase, is all about music, instruments, sound, and what we get from these.  Here you will find musical instrument shaped objects as well as functional, playable objects.  You will find club space where it appears that DJs or bands can perform.  You will find musings about music and fun ways to get around (be sure to find a kite and fly over the sim).  Many places to venture and explore with such creative textures.  This build is on a Linden Endowment for the Arts sim and I am hoping it will be here for a few months!

Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 b

Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 c

Be sure to visit Musiclandia soon, and turn on your sounds so that you can hear the many different audible sounds as you wander around. Touch things, try things and enjoy.

Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 d

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.. machinima open studio project ..

MOS Sim 7

I was exploring the LEA sims again, and stumbled upon the LEA20 sim where I found Chic Aeon’s Machinima Open Studio (MOS) Project.  This Linden Endowment of the Arts – Artist in Residence sim was put together for those machinima creators that are looking for various backdrops for their videos. It is also a place to praise machinima created in Second Life.  The options for scenes on this sim are wide ranged.  From a rural valley scene and beachy style homes on a shore on the ground level to a city office scene, a New Orleans home, a gypsy camp, a home on a midnight beach, a subway street, and a host of studio settings with several different rooms set up at various levels in the sky, all are ready and waiting for the cameras to be pulled out and filming to begin.

MOS Sim 10

MOS Sim 6

MOS Sim 5

MOS Sim 2

MOS Sim 1

But… it is also great that the MOS Project sim also welcomes avatars taking static pics as well.  The fact that the sim is set for rez with a 20 minute return setting is very helpful for those that want to drop a pose stand and take a pic in a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom,  a burlesque stage or in any of the other scenes available. The project is really a great idea, and one that provides some great options for backdrops for blog pics, fashion pics, or just wanting to have a certain type of scene.

MOS Sim 9

Visit the LEA20 sim and explore the Machinima Open Studio Project soon.  Be sure to accept the teleport HUD which will be offered when you land.  This HUD will allow you to jump from scene to scene much more easily so you don’t have to go back to the entry.  For more pics, please visit the MOS Project blog as I am sure that if there are changes or additions, Chic will update there.

MOS Sim 8