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Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 a

Tonight, I tp’d in to LEA 11 and found such a fascinating build.  Musiclandia, created by Livio Korobase, is all about music, instruments, sound, and what we get from these.  Here you will find musical instrument shaped objects as well as functional, playable objects.  You will find club space where it appears that DJs or bands can perform.  You will find musings about music and fun ways to get around (be sure to find a kite and fly over the sim).  Many places to venture and explore with such creative textures.  This build is on a Linden Endowment for the Arts sim and I am hoping it will be here for a few months!

Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 b

Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 c

Be sure to visit Musiclandia soon, and turn on your sounds so that you can hear the many different audible sounds as you wander around. Touch things, try things and enjoy.

Musiclandia Lea 11 082913 d

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