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Blog 011818 Kraftwork Bus Stop

For this month’s PocketGacha event, Kraftwork created a set of props and scenes called Bus Stops. Each bus stop is quite different ranging from just the vintage bus stop sign to the urban bus stop to the larger minimalist bus stop – all are detailed and great for a scene or a location build. The backdrops include a graffiti covered grunge scene and an urban backdrop complete with street/sidewalk/window inside.

I shot a little video of the scenes to show a bit more:

The rare item is a very cool prop that could be a fun bus stop – the letters B-U-S – I wouldn’t mind if I had to wait at a stop like that! The rare has 5 animations for each letter – just swap to move from letter to letter. Cute stuff.

Blog 011818 Kraftwork Bus Stop c

For the scene, I used buildings from Kraftwork and DRD’s Steele City Gacha from 2016.  The bus and street prims are also from DRD. The ferris wheel is from MadPea’s MyHelsinki gacha. The trees are from Skye Designs and the grass is new from Little Branch.

This round of PocketGacha runs through the 14th of March.  Visit Kraftwork for goodies for your home, sim design or props any time!



From Kraftwork – Bus Stops Props and Scenes (from PocketGacha) @

KraftWork Bus Stop BUS RARE 
KraftWork Bus Stop Minimalist Stop
KraftWork Bus Stop Minimalist Sign
KraftWork Bus Stop Concrete Bench
KraftWork Bus Stop Urban Stop
KraftWork Bus Stop Grunge Scene
KraftWork Bus Stop Urban Scene
KraftWork Bus Stop Vintage Stop

MadPea MyHelsinki SkyWheel ULTRARARE @
22. DRD SC platform (March 2016 The Arcade) @
22. DRD SC street (March 2016 The Arcade) @
24. DRD SC Metro Bus (March 2016 The Arcade) @
11. DRD SC Courthouse (March 2016 The Arcade) @
17. DRD SC Pizza Shop (March 2016 The Arcade) @
13. DRD SC Gas Station (March 2016 The Arcade) @
KraftWork Garage Conversion @
KraftWork Palace Movie Theater @
Enchanted Woods v2
Skye Birch Grove Tree Triplet 1 (unlinked Group)
Skye Scots  Pine Forest
LB_Buffalograss.v2{Mesh}Animated (group gift)

I’m wearing:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 with DeeTalez Appliers (freckles)
Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for CATWA Heads *Heidi* NORDIC
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v2.10
Eyes: CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00
Eyes: Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Tokyo Eyes (Pale)
Brows: Bossie Autumn Natural
Hair:  +elua+ Vesper_Black
Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body – Bento Hand  V4.1
Rings: Amala – The Lumi Rings – Maitreya
Top: *COCO*_HoodedSwingDress(SmokeBlue)_Maitreya
Pants: Addams // Lixie Super Skinny Jean // Maitreya
Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet v4.1
Shoes:  fri. – River Boots (Adobe)



.. it just happens ..

Where’s jazz going? I don’t know? Maybe it’s going to hell. You can’t make anything go anywhere. It just happens. ~ Thelonious Monk

Blog 091117 Kraftwork Jazz Club PocketGacha

Do you enjoy setting up scenes in Second Life and wonder where you can find a great little club set up?  You don’t have to wonder any longer as NODNOL Jameson of KraftWork brings the Shotgun Jazz Club to the grid via this month’s PocketGacha event!

This awesome gacha set has all you need to set up a little smoky club complete with the piano and drum kit on the stage.  There are two types of tables (simple and a bar table).  The bar tables come non-scripted or with standing animations… just like you were standing there listening to some fine jazz coming from the stage.  There are chairs for the regular tables and a stool that can be used on stage or with the bar tables too.  Two different sets of framed art focused on the jazz scene work great too.  NOD includes options for fans (rotating or static) and a cool tip stand (also scripted or not) that is actually a hat upside down on a stand.  Completing the set are ashtrays, a wonderful bass case and the sign shaped the same which are great at setting up the whole scene.

KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club

Have you experienced PocketGacha yet?  This new event debuted in August and every month on the 15th, a new set of items will be available from some of Second Life’s best creators.  This is the Gacha hud where you can ‘play’ from anywhere – even from your own virtual home or maybe while you are out dancing or even while you are sailing across the virtual sea!  No matter where you are, you can play for your chances for items in each set OR you can go ahead and just buy any full set from the creator.  The prices are all set by the creators for both a single pull chance or the option of the full set purchase.  At 7am on the 15th each month you can pick up the new monthly HUD – via the in-world group OR on Marketplace OR at their main location Check out the website for more info on PocketGacha!


1 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Building @
2 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Piano @
2 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Piano Chair @
3 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Drum Set @
3 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Drum Set Stool @
4 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Ashtray @
5 Kraftwork Shotgun Jazz Club Bar Table @
6 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Tip Jar @
7 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Fan @
8 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Bass Case @
9 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 1 @
10 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 2 @
11 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Simple Chair @
12 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Simple Table @
13 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Stool @

Other items in the scene:
{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue]
[LeeZu!] Capital Citys Poster (previous Arcade) @
[LeeZu!] Tulips Poster (previous Arcade) @
(Elate!) – A Posh Picnic – Wine Bottle and Glasses (previous Arcade) @
{what next} Bar Drinks Tray (previous Arcade) @
[ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket – silver (previous Arcade) @
[ keke ] champagne glass – tulip (previous Arcade) @
{T.T}Singer in me RETRO Mic POSE 1 (2016 Pose Fair) @
The Horror!~ Neon Aesthetic – Moon (previous Arcade) @
floorplan. neon III gacha / star white (previous Arcade) @