.. we bloom ..

063018 blog Little Branch Spring Blossom


The Little Branch continues to create beauty. Each tree, flower, ground covering that Cari creates can be woven thoughtfully into a lovely landscape. This Spring Blossoms tree is no exception. The HUD for this tree changes the tree from pink to white or blue. It also has a winter option so that it can be used in multiple seasons. Inside the box, you’ll also find two version of summer snakeweed, animated grass and a mesh low hill …everything you need to create a pretty scene. The Spring Blossoms tree can be found until July 13th at the Limit8 event.

063018 blog Little Branch Spring Blossom b

Shrines shill my youth
These things I’ve waited for
I’m bound to you
You breathe my feathers all

We Bloom
Feathers bloom
For you


Now so high my wax waning
I feel Eos heave
To the ground I go

On shattered roots
I lay down listless
The house will fall with me
For all your paper ghosts
I breathe feathers

We bloom
Feathers bloom
For you






LB_SpringBlossomsTree{Animated}*4Seasons @ (currently at Limit8)
LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B @ (included in the box)
LB_Hill-v1{Low Li} @ (included in the box)

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.. wish you were beer ..

Always do sober what you said you would do drunk.
That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
~ Ernest Hemingway

062718 blog Arcade 2 d

062718 blog Arcade 2 b

062718 blog Arcade 2 c

062718 blog Arcade 2 a

You wanna know if I know why
I can’t say that I do
Don’t understand the you or I
Or how one becomes two
I just can’t recall what started it off
Or how to begin again
I ain’t here to break ya
Just see how far it will bend
Again and again, again and again
I wanna make it
I wanna make it wit’ chu
Anytime, anywhere
I wanna make it…
~ Queens of the Stone Age





Scene Items from the June 2018 Round of Arcade @:

22769 – Au Bord Du Lac – RARE
22769 – Newport Sideboard – COMMON
22769 – Newport Rug – COMMON
22769 – Newport Coffee Table – COMMON
22769 – Magazines – COMMON
22769 – Coffee Table Books – COMMON
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Cash’ Duffle Bag ‘The Heat’ RARE
220ml – World Beer – Beer Keg Stool
220ml – World Beer – Counter
220ml – World Beer – Drink Coaster – U.S.A
220ml – World Beer – Drink Coaster – Rome
220ml – World Beer – Drink Coaster – Rio
220ml – World Beer – Tulip
220ml – World Beer – Nonic Pint
220ml – World Beer – Pilsner
220ml – World Beer – Mixed Pitted Olives
220ml – World Beer – Japanese Peanuts
220ml – World Beer – Empty bottles crate
220ml – World Beer – Draft Beer Dispenser
220ml – World Beer – Red Refrigerator
220ml – World Beer – Milk Barrel
.01 [ kunst ] – Turntable RARE
.03 [ kunst ] – Recordings pile #1
.04 [ kunst ] – Recordings pile #2
.10 [ kunst ] – Plant / terracotta
.13 [ kunst ] – Cactus #2 / terracotta
.14 [ kunst ] – Cactus #1 / black
DISORDERLY. / A Timely Vintage / Book Pile / RARE
:BAMSE: Studio – Director Chair
:BAMSE: Studio – Casting Couch RARE
:BAMSE: Studio – Equipment
:BAMSE: Studio – Lamp Standing

Other items:

[Kres] Super Signs – Beer Zone