Lemondrop’s Forest

Recently I visited a sim full of whimsy.  Lemondrop’s Forest is a happy, colorful sim that brings so many fun, silly elements in to play.  When you land in the garden, you have the option of a Tour Buggy ride or perhaps, hop in a Gondola and guide yourself.  You can also walk and run around  as well.

Lemondrop’s Forest, created by Lemondrop Serendipity and Photon Pink, is built inside a tree which is over 300 meters high and along the root base.  As you tour around, you will find the port city of Lemonville, where you might catch a cartoon or two in Le Cinema Lemonville.  You might wonder what was used as textures for many of the buildings in Lemonville…well, if you look closely, you’ll see that they are candy wrappers.  While I was on the tour, I found out that these are from Russia and had been collected by Lemondrop and Photon (after they ate the candy, of course!).  The nightclub in Lemonville, Le Citron Bleu, is currently hosting an exhibit of the entire collection of the candy wrappers.

Continue your exploration of the sim and find the Fairy Airport Enternational, better known as FAE.  If you prefer air  transportation, you can grab a fairynaut glider and tour the island from above.  There are many other nooks and crannies on this sim…tunnels and pathways leading from one place to another.  You can fish here with 7Seas, do a little shopping at the Photon Island Trading Company and just hang out and watch the whales, sharks and boats…   Lemondrop’s Forest is a happy place – colorful, silly, and fun.  It can bring out the kid in you… if you just let it!

Until next time…explore, explore and let your imaginations soar once more!