~Sensuelle – OMG, it’s a Fashion Post!~


I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie they feel sexy. So let us wear it for five minutes. ~ Karen McDougal

Castle by Sensuelle

So the other day, I just happened to find an LM board for a shop called “Sensuelle”.  Of course, I thought… ohhhh another place to buy lingerie… ohhhh I want to go look!   The funny part about this is that I rarely have reason to wear lingerie and on the occasion that I might, well, as Karen McDougal says…it often gets ripped right off!  *laughs*

However, even though I don’t often wear, I do love to look at it and apparently BUY it too!  Sooo… off I headed to Sensuelle!  I entered the one shop on the Tamaqua sim and found nice, clean, unencumbered racks displaying some very hot styles!  I love the straps and the clean lines of these ‘undies’ and found that in some cases, the textures could also work for swim wear too!  The colors include bright, happy, tones as well as dark and sexy.  The styles range from girl-next-door to that strong, dominant female!  Now if you are the kinda girl who needs to wear stockings, you’ll just have to find some nice hot thigh highs to wear with these sizzling styles, but frankly, I think they look good on their own!

Bora by Sensuelle

When I found that there was another Sensuelle shop at Rodeo Drive, I headed there too, just to see if I had missed anything!  Luckily for me, here is where I met Mirko Panacek, the creator of Sensuelle Lingerie and his friend, Zaza Moo.  What a delight!  Both friendly, welcoming and very willing to display any piece had I wanted… but since I had already bought a few pieces, I kinda had no need.  At the Rodeo shop, Mirko has a couple of freebies out…so stop in there, pick those up and look around.  You might just be like me and find several sets you just wanted to put on! (or buy for your girl!)

Princess by Sensuelle

So…’til next time, get out there and SHOP!!!


All Outfits from Sensuelle
Hair from Maitreya; Truth; Detour
Shoes from Maitreya Gold; Gabriel; Stiletto Moody’s
Poses from Slash Me Poses; TorridWear; Long Ackward Pose; Zeb & Sly

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