NOW OPEN.. Silent Art Auction for Relay for Life of Second Life ..

Via Flickr:

Eternal Beacon is proud to present a Silent Art Auction to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life. The Auction will feature the work from 20+ wonderful photographers/artists of Second Life and will be held in the sky on beautiful Sol Existence, a privately owned sim.

The Gallery on Sol Existence will open to the public for the Auction at Midnight SLT on Saturday, June 30th. The Auction will close at 8pm SLT on Sunday, July 1st at which time the winning bidders will be determined.

Visit the Gallery for the Auction Now

There will be Live Music events each day, with Bat Masters set to brighten up our day at 5pm on Saturday and Zachh Cale ready to tickle the ivories at 5pm on Sunday.

Photographers/Artists include:
Harbor Galaxy
Eliza Wierwight
Vikki Hastings
Lili Ivanova
JMB Balogh
Daisy Braveheart
Rhea Vintner
Merthyn Vintner
Toysoldier Thor
Alyx Aerallo
Ella Avro
Michiel Bechir
Sharonatje Romano
Mamaz Felwitch
Fairweather Sorbet
Warren Ochs
Aelin Quan
Shasta Laval
Sunshine Zhangsun
Pirate Braveheart
Sharona Medby
Bunny Brickworks-Kawashima
Owen Landar

Thank you to all that are participating!!

background from 2shi on deviantart

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