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It’s just around the corner… the September round for The Arcade Gacha Event starts on September 1st.  One full month with so many designers filling up the machines that ka-ching, ka-chinggg.  Will you be pressing your nose to the window waiting to get in?!  To get ready, be sure to check out The Arcade Shopping Guide which is an excellent way to know the creators and what is to be found this month.

083013 The Arcade blog 1


Leila skin from Belleza by Shyla Diggs (The Arcade)
Deep Sky Eyes from Mayfly by Arkesh Baral
Earrings from HANDverk by Daphne Klossovsky 
Giz hair from D!VA by Marisa Kira  (The Arcade)
Hairbase from D!VA by Marisa Kira  (The Arcade)
Collar and bracelet from GiZZa by Giz Seorn  (The Arcade)
Pants from Emery by Sunami Beck  (The Arcade)
Flats from TD Templates by Typhaon Nishi  (The Arcade)
Pose and the Letter b from oOo by Olaenka Chesnokov  (The Arcade)

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