.. A Journey of Promise … Kicked Off in March! ..

(I failed to post this back a few months ago, so I am just doing it now!)

The Relay For Life of Second Life season was officially kicked off on Saturday, March 8th!  However, the weekend was full of fun and camaraderie.  Starting on Friday night with the team set up and tailgate party with entertainment provided by T1 Radio, all the way through to the “Bring Your Own Kiosk” extravaganza on Sunday night, the RFL of SL teams were jamming and hitting the kiosks hard.  In addition to the multiple events held at the Kick Off sims, team events were getting in to full swing as well.

Four beautiful sims that lead all around a journey of continents were designed and created by Grace Loudon Devin with the help of Sean Devin.  The comments that we received regarding this creation was unending.  All were amazed at the build that was put up in less than a week.  From the rainforests of South America, through the bamboo gardens of Asia, to the forested waterside of Europe into the frozen wilds of Antarctica around to the beaches of Australia and across the tundra of Africa before wrapping up in a national park setting of North America, it was a gorgeous journey.

Forty-plus teams joined us on the journey, each setting up a tent to display their kiosk and kick-start their fundraising activities with vendors, auctions, raffles and more.  At least 15 teams participated in the “Kissing Booth” challenge where the goal was to raise L$1700 in one hour.  Each team that met the goal will receive “Kiss Me I Relay” shirts.  On Sunday, there was a mini Family Feud tournament where 4 teams competed.  First up was a game between Live Wire and Strange Journeys that Live Wire came away as winner.  Then it was the RFL of SL Planning Committee up against Inspired Dreamwalkers.  The laughs were generous as the Planning Committee walked away with the win.  The final between Live Wire and the Planning Committee commenced and brought the house down with laughs and good cheer.   And the final was won by Live Wire who were an amazingly tough team to beat!

There were DJs and live performances including Fuzzball Ortega, MrsSpooky, Johannes1977, Holocluck Henly, Maverick Wolfe, Ari ….., Starlight Dancers….

On Sunday afternoon, Trader Whiplash kicked off the return of Relay Rap with a live broadcast from the Kick Off sims featuring event chair, Nikki Mathieson; ACS partner, Sting Raymaker; Internal Support division chair, Gem Sunkiller; Team Coach lead, Rendal Contineau.  This year, Relay Rap will also feature “Tee-Time” with Tee Auster and Nuala Maracus featuring information supporting the RFL and ACS missions.  Relay Rap continues every Sunday at 3:30pm SLT – you can attend on T1’s home studio @……..  or listen in remotely via T1’s stream:  ___

The 2014 RFL of SL fundraising tools hit the grid on Wednesday, March 5th which just happens to be a little earlier than norm.  Since the teams were already pushing convio (website-US dollar) donations heavily, the volunteers just kept the influx of donations going as the tools started distributing across the grid.  There are donation kiosks – the familiar white kiosk with an oval ring; vendors – which can accommodate one of a kind items to multiple items; random riot and the NEW RFL gotya vendors which are similar to the popular gacha machines; auction boards – to support silent auctions with the accompanying auction fulfillment vendor; and raffle vendors – which can sell multiple ticket chances for the fab prize inside in exchange for a gift. All of these team oriented tools submit 100% proceeds to Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society.

On July 19th/20th, the teams and all volunteers will come together for 24+ hours to celebrate, remember, and fight back as we ‘walk around’ a track built from approximately 40 sims.  Until then, keep an eye on the growing dollars by checking our totals’ page.  For various team events and activities supporting Relay For Life of Second Life, check out the team’s event page. There have already been so many and there will continue to be many many events to attend. Watch for various mega events that raise funds for RFL of SL throughout the year, check the schedule here.  Until there is a cure, we RELAY!  Consider joining the fight…  for  more resources check out the following links:


For more information about Relay For Life of Second Life:



SL wiki


For more information about American Cancer Society or Relay For Life, in general:

American Cancer Society

Relay For Life

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