.. Relay For Life of Second Life 2014 Season Wrap-Up ..

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On August 31, 2014, the Relay For Life of Second Life 2014 season will wrap-up. Since the March 9 kick off, the teams, the mega events, and every supporter of the campaign have worked tirelessly to make a difference. As of today, the total raised for the 2014 season equals US$414,535 or L$103,633,695 to benefit the American Cancer Society! This has been a record-breaking year and it has been an honor to be part of it!

The Wrap Up Celebration will be held on Sunday, August 31 at 10am SLT. The location will be announced once the regions have been rezzed in world. The regions will be connected to the American Cancer Society region, so the event will be easy to find!

during the event, the Planning Committee and others will honor all the volunteers and fundraisers of the season and will be announcing awards. Included in these awards are several that require voting. These include Spirit of Relay Individual Award; Spirit of Relay Team Award; Maid of Honor and Best Man; Smell the Roses – the Clown Awards. The ballots for these can be found on the RFL of SL wiki Additionally fundraising awards will be announced that will include Top Team Convio Fundraising; Top Individual Convio Fundraising; Convio Website Participation Awards; Top Team Fundraising Overall; and the updated Team Fundraising Club Levels. There will be some updates and other news shared during this time as well.

At 11:30am SLT, Maximillian (Max) Kleene will hit the stage and entertain the audience with his musical renderings. After Max leaves the stage, the music will continue with Trader Whiplash’s T1 Radio broadcasting until 2pm SLT (or later… you never know!)

As we move towards the wrap up, there is still time to donate at a kiosk near you or even via convio (orange boxes on the RFL of SL website). Remember if you make a single donation of US$100 (or L$25,000) before August 30th, you will be eligible to receive an RFL of SL 10th Anniversary T-shirt in the real world! The fundraising tools are scheduled to disappear on August 30th, so be sure you get your final donations towards the 2014 season made today!

So again… the 2014 Season Wrap-Up Celebration for the Relay For Life of Second Life campaign will take place on Sunday, August 31st, at 10am SLT. We hope to see you there!



For more information about Relay For Life of Second Life:



SL wiki


For more information about American Cancer Society or Relay For Life, in general:

American Cancer Society

Relay For Life



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