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The 2014 3rd quarter will begin on September 1 and what does that mean?   Yesss… another round of The Arcade Gacha Event!  September brings the 2nd Anniversary of this popular event to the grid and we will find The Arcade in its new location.  In July, the team announced the move to a new sim called, very appropriately, The Arcade!  There is also another region attached named “Gacha Galley” which will allow for off sim shopping when the primary region is full.  This will be the first event from that location and it will open to the public on September 1, 2014, at 12:01am.

For the first time ever, the Arcade Team has decided to sell a limited number of early admission passes.  These passes will be sold via the SL Marketplace and will give the purchaser 4 hours of shopping time ahead of the masses.  There will only be 20 sold, and the sale will start on August 27th at 5pm SLT.  You will probably have to be very quick to be able to purchase one of these… Read more >> here

The September round is sponsored by Apple Fall, Pure Poison, Boogers and Style Kingdom.

The participating vendors for this event on its 2nd anniversary are:

arcade sep2014 vendors



You can connect with The Arcade in various ways… check them out

the Website

on Facebook

on Flickr

on Plurk

in world Group

Now.. start counting down the days and saving your linden.  The 2nd Anniversary round should bring us lots of awesome finds!



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