.. dog days (The Arcade 2) ..

Sometimes, I think I should just wear fun and cute avatars more than human ones. Birdy/Alchemy brings another adorable set to the September 2014 round of The Arcade Gacha Event.  Hipster Pals includes avatars, companions, and holdable cuties.  I am sharing two of the options here – the avatar and a companion.  I visited a pretty French inspired park and rode my little pink tricycle from Little Hopper, also found at The Arcade.  Weeeee!


blog 083114 Arcade 2a



Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (Girl)  (The Arcade) @
Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (Girl) Camera  (The Arcade) @
Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (Girl) Hat  (The Arcade) @
Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (Girl) Pack  (The Arcade) @
Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (Girl) Top  (The Arcade) @
Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (Girl)Glasses  (The Arcade) @
Alchemy/Birdy – Puss (Girl) – Companion RARE  (The Arcade) @
*Little Hopper* Tricycle Pink (wear)  (The Arcade) @

Location:  Parc de la serenite

°•♫•°Listening to..°•♫•°


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