.. the rainbow eucalyptus ..

Human nature is not a machine to be built after a model,
and set to do exactly the work prescribed for it,
but a tree, which requires to grow and develop itself on all sides,
according to the tendency of the inward forces which make it a living thing. 
— John Stuart Mill


062218 blog Little Branch Rainbow Eucalpytus


The Little Branch has this beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus tree in Second Life and the tree is currently available at the current round of the Illuminate event (June 18th to July 13th). This Rainbow Eucalyptus is a 4-season tree with animation. The tree has a colorful bark and a lovely curved trunk. It would fit in with any tropical environment in the virtual world.

Read more about the real-life Rainbow Eucalyptus at Gardening Know How:
The bark of a rainbow eucalyptus tree is its most amazing feature. The bark peels off at the end of the season which unveils new bark with bright colors. This process of peeling causes streaks of red, orange, green, blue and gray. While the colors are more intense on trees grown in its native areas, it can still be one of the most colorful trees grown.

  • the scientific name is Eucalyptus deglupta
  • it has intense color and an astringent fragrance
  • it is native to New Guinea, Philippines, and Indonesia
  • it is the only eucalyptus that is indigenous to the northern hemisphere
  • it also can grow in non-frost regions of the US such as Hawaii and Southern California and Florida
  • the size is generally up to 250 feet in its natural habitat but only to around 100-125 feet in other regions of the world
  • the true flowers are greenish yellow and are not very visible. It is the four bracts surrounding the flower that really show off.
  • in the fall, there are glossy red ‘berries’ and the leaves turn a glorious reddish-purple color
  • birds love it



LB_RainbowEucalyptus{Animated}4Seasons @ (currently at Illuminate)
LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A @ (included in the box)
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B @ (included in the box)
LB_Hill-v1{Low Li} @ (included in the box)

Myrrine – Fence set – white wood – 1B

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