.. could watch it from the clouds ..

“Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me.

The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome.

The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave”

                                                                                              ~ Paul Walker

Cortina Beach 4 10.26

There is a new surf beach on the grid.  That’s right, Love Repine has done it again… and has opened Cortina Beach to the public.  You might remember Love from previous beaches such as Seaweed, or Wailea Beach or maybe even Mojo Surf Point.  He has put together some fun places and always offers the beaches to the public.  This time, he has a great surf break with two Maoli waves crashing against the beach.  He offers surfboards to those that do not have so you have no excuse not to try to surf.

Cortina Beach 2  10.26

Cortina also has some quiet little spots to gather your thoughts and watch the waves crash.  You can share the beach with a pelican or two, or maybe even a seagull.  The sounds are reminiscent of any beach you might have ever visited in the real world.

Cortina Beach 3 10.26

Be sure to check out the Cortina Beach surf bar with a barman always at the ready.  You can hang out here, sip on a drink and maybe even splash in the pool.  If you are looking for a new wave to ride or just want to get away from it all and veg on the beach, Love Repine’s Cortina Beach offers the right recipe!

Cortina beach 10.26

“One of the greatest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things:

your body, a surfboard, and a wave”

                                                                               ~Naima Green


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.. baja norte ..

Salt Water 3

Do you like a quiet, deserted beach for reflection, some surfing, maybe some conversation with a friend?  Let me tell you about the newest one that I have found.  Okay, I really didn’t just find it… I watched it being created from flat sim surface to this great, remote style beach.  It is similar to the coastline of the Baja Peninsula and the creator has tagged the sim as “Baja Norte“.

Jac Mornington really strives to make a natural environment and Baja Norte is no exception.  The beach is very multi-dimensional with the feeling of a windblown dunes with turtles coming up on the beach to nest as the waves lap against the shore.  Jac has put in a boardwalk to allow access across the water to an out island with a look out area that is perfect for relaxation.

Salt Water 2

Salt Water 4

In the center of the beach, up on the rise, there is a beach shack offering a respite from the sun and heat.  And just over the rise, you will find a fishing dock fully outfitted with a fishing boat or sailboat that you can jump in and take for a ride around the sim.  It is a tight fit but you can fully glide across the water in either boat along the edges.  Just watch out for the Maoli mesh surf waves that are rolling in.  Jac has placed two different types of surf waves out. A fun low rumbling wave that is fairly realistic for many real life surf beaches, and a larger wave that crashes in as well.  This adds to the natural environment as most surf breaks would have varying types of waves to experience.

Salt Water 6

salt water 1

While on Baja Norte, you will share the environment with a seal colony out by the lighthouse.  Be sure to look out beyond the surf for the whales breaching and cavorting, it is very relaxing to watch the magnificent creatures roll through the water.  The sounds of nature will surround you so be sure to have sounds on as well… and just enjoy your visit.

Salt Water 5

Jac has done it again with this sim; it is a beautiful spot for capturing pics, surfing, boating, and just relaxing.  Visit Baja Norte soon, as we never know how long this beautiful sim will be around.


.. carpe diem surf ..

Carpe Diem Surf 1

Have you been surfing in Second Life lately?  So many sims have disappeared off the grid over the past few years, so you might be looking for a new location to shred some waves.  Or maybe you’d like to try SL surfing for the first time. Whichever the reason, Carpe Diem Surf is a really pretty location to grab a board and get out there.

Carpe Diem Surf 2

The owner of the sim, Valium (Vally) Lavender, wanted this sim to work well for surfers and be a great place to hang out.  She enlisted the help of Jac Mornington to create a tropical surf break experience.  Jac has created quite a few surf beaches and other natural sims in Second Life over the past years.  He pulled together Carpe Diem Surf creating three home sites that are private and overlook the beach.  On the beach, the center is public with a gorgeous waterfall area, a hang out shack, a place to buy a few boards.  Out in the surf, Jac put in a little hang out island offering places to sit, dance, or relax in the water.  The sim surrounds add depth and interest as well.

Carpe Diem Surf 3

Carpe Diem Surf offers board rezzers so you can try an HP board, an SSi board or an LSD board.  Once in the water, Vally has chosen to offer the Maoli Mesh waves which are beautiful and a fun ride.

Visit Carpe Diem Surf today…  to enjoy one of the hang out areas, to take pics or to hit the waves!  The sim is a full prim sim and you will find a lag free surfing experience.


p.s. Carpe Diem Surf allows entry only to those avatars that are age verified.