.. just a few more hours ..

The March Round of The Arcade Gacha Event opens on March 1st – in about 14 hours from now!  Have you checked out the shopping guide, looked at the possibilities, started lining up your wish lists?  Get ready… another great event coming our way!

The sponsors this round are AriskeaAzouryJianReverieSweet Thing, and Zerkalo

As always, the round runs the full month so you will have until March 31 to check out the goodies and play your luck. And yes, there is another photography contest to win!

Today, I’m sharing some of the awesome items to be found:

Blog March Arcade 1b 022916

Blog March Arcade 1a 022916



The Scene
The House:  Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar -16 Anastasia House  RARE (The Arcade) @

Room One:
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Drapery Metal (The Arcade) @
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Chair  (The Arcade) @
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Light Sofa  (The Arcade) @
Fawny – Plush Cuties.Lazy Puppy – 29 (The Arcade) @
BUENO-Cat – Rez Me – Gray (The Arcade) @
MudHoney Skyler Pouffe – White (The Arcade) @
-David Heather-Owl Trio/Gold (The Arcade) @
[ARIA] Bella Mini Chandelier – RARE (The Arcade) @
-tres blah- Salad Days – Deer Bust (Gold/Aqua) RARE (The Arcade)
Thistle Botanical Art Print A (cm)
Thistle Botanical Art Print B (cm)

Room Two:
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Drapery Light (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Harpsichord RARE (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Harpsichord Stool (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Parlor Rug (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Beethoven Portrait (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Handel Portrait (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Mozart Portrait (The Arcade) @
-David Heather-Vintage Chair RARE (The Arcade) @
O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Curious Kitty – Flamepoint (The Arcade) @
O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Curious Kitty – Havana Brown (The Arcade) @




.. finally back from the realities of life ..

Real life for Sunshine has been a whirlwind of change lately.  I moved from one state to another; I have been without a vehicle; I haven’t had a lot of time for myself… and I missed blogging and doing things that I enjoy in the world of Second Life.  I am back and finally had the chance to open up some items I got from The Arcade!

As usual..  fun stuff to be had!   In this post, I focused on the office set from Oyasumi and added in a few other fun items from Soy, R(S)W, Baiastice, David Heather and Fancy Decor.  The Arcade closes on June 30 which is just a few days away.. So get your butts there and try for some more awesome stuffs.

Blog June Arcade 1b 062415

Blog June Arcade 1a 062415

Blog June Arcade 1 062415

oyasumi / the office skybox / RARE (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / whiteboard (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office desk (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office computer (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office phone (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / wire file holder (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / marker&eraser (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office chair (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / metal shelf (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / file box / closed (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / file box / manila folders (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / file box / forms (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / water cooler bottles (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / water cooler (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / coffee maker (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Postcard Map (The Arcade) @
R(S)W The Earl of Mannywich (The Arcade) @
R(S)W Amanny Palmer (The Arcade) @
R(S)W Manibald Gachum RARE (The Arcade) @
R(S)W Mannydrake the Magnificent RARE (The Arcade) @
Baiastice_The SNOOB Collection-Sunny (The Arcade) @
Soy. OSC- ARM CHAIR – Green stripe copy (The Arcade) @
-David Heather-Cameo Bag/Decor/Mahogany