.. finally back from the realities of life ..

Real life for Sunshine has been a whirlwind of change lately.  I moved from one state to another; I have been without a vehicle; I haven’t had a lot of time for myself… and I missed blogging and doing things that I enjoy in the world of Second Life.  I am back and finally had the chance to open up some items I got from The Arcade!

As usual..  fun stuff to be had!   In this post, I focused on the office set from Oyasumi and added in a few other fun items from Soy, R(S)W, Baiastice, David Heather and Fancy Decor.  The Arcade closes on June 30 which is just a few days away.. So get your butts there and try for some more awesome stuffs.

Blog June Arcade 1b 062415

Blog June Arcade 1a 062415

Blog June Arcade 1 062415

oyasumi / the office skybox / RARE (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / whiteboard (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office desk (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office computer (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office phone (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / wire file holder (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / marker&eraser (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / office chair (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / metal shelf (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / file box / closed (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / file box / manila folders (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / file box / forms (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / water cooler bottles (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / water cooler (The Arcade) @
oyasumi / coffee maker (The Arcade) @
Fancy Decor: Postcard Map (The Arcade) @
R(S)W The Earl of Mannywich (The Arcade) @
R(S)W Amanny Palmer (The Arcade) @
R(S)W Manibald Gachum RARE (The Arcade) @
R(S)W Mannydrake the Magnificent RARE (The Arcade) @
Baiastice_The SNOOB Collection-Sunny (The Arcade) @
Soy. OSC- ARM CHAIR – Green stripe copy (The Arcade) @
-David Heather-Cameo Bag/Decor/Mahogany

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