.. 2013 Christmas Expo Finds ..

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So much to find at the 2013 Christmas Expo, and I wanted to share a few things.  This year’s expo brings many creators together.  You can find furniture, clothing, poses, home decor.  Items for the holidays, for gifts, and for year round fun.  And while shopping, be sure to stop in to see the other activities in the Victorian Village.  There’s the tree lot where you can pick up a special Christmas tree and the skating area where you can strap on your skates for a spin across the ice. There are raffles and a silent auction too.  Often you will find DJs spinning some tunes, or maybe even a live singer while you are there.  And definitely do not forget to look for Saint Nicholas so that you can perch upon his lap for an awesome photo-op.  Be sure to whisper your Christmas wishes into his ear… you just never know what might show up on Christmas day!

The 2013 Christmas Expo benefits Relay For Life of Second Life with proceeds from the RFL vendors, auction boards, raffles and kiosks all being donated to the campaign for the American Cancer Society.

Check the website for all the information you will need!  If you just want to know what events might be happening, click here.   And do not forget to vote for your favorites in the AviChoice Awards before December 13th!

Visit the 2013 Christmas Expo today… !

Blair Skin ~Pure~ Kiss Me (Blonde) RARE from Birdy by nina Helix (The Arcade Gacha Event)
Deep Sky Eyes from Mayfly by Arkesh Baral
Dainty Black Lashes from Beetlebones by Suetabulous Yootz
“Giz” Hair (Type B) Garnet (RARE)  from D!va by Marisa Kira (The Arcade Gacha Event – September 2013)
RFL Xmas Expo Sweater Dress from Botanica by CaraCali Resident (2013 Christmas Expo)
RFL Pink Tights from Botanica by CaraCali Resident (2013 Christmas Expo)
Mesh RFL Boot from Botanica by CaraCali Resident (2013 Christmas Expo)
AvEnhance Mesh Hands – Casual from Slink by Siddean Munro
Hands – Avatar Enhancement Appliers for Slink Mesh Hands from Birdy by nina Helix (The Arcade Gacha Event)
Candy Cane Fingernail Appliers for Slink Mesh Hands from KOSH by Lynaja Bade (The Arcade Gacha Event)
Luna Ring [18] RARE from Shakeup! by Carrie Janick (The Arcade Gacha Event)
Vintage Alphabet Ring (Heart Pk) RARE from ASO! By Menieelee Gelles (The Arcade Gacha Event)
Twin Hospital Bed – Rose from River Beds by River (Scamander Resident) (2013 Christmas Expo)
RFL Xmas Teddy Bear w/Hold Animation from Botanica by CaraCali Resident (2013 Christmas Expo))
Gingerbread Branch – Hearts from Myrrine by Myrrine Resident (2013 Christmas Expo)
Gingerbread Branch – Bells from Myrrine by Myrrine Resident (2013 Christmas Expo)
Christmas wall deco – leaning from Myrrine by Myrrine Resident (2013 Christmas Expo)
Flourish Christmas Tree from Thistle Homes by Liz Gealach (2013 Christmas Expo)
Frosty and Friends (snowman) from Potomac Signature Homes by Winter Loxely (2013 Christmas Expo)
Neva Captain House from Scarlet Creative for Scarlet Apple by Charlotte Bartlett (Collabor88 November)
RFL Christmas Expo 2013 (texture by Texworks)

.. a caravan weighed down ..

Walking around The Arcade Gacha Event, it is amazing to see all the cool and creative items that will be up for grabs starting March 1!  The creators have really done a great job making fun, cute, interesting and maybe even a few strange items that will be the “to die for” new craze starting tomorrow.  From decorative items for your house, to clothing, to shoes, and other accessories to wow out your avatar, you have to go to The Arcade Gacha Event once it opens on March 1.  Check out the coolness below:

The Arcade 7 022813

Behind me, a caravan weighed down

With bad dreams and ghosts of apologies

There’s no room, no room inside

For a hitcher with a suitcase of pride

The Arcade 8 022813


Caravan:  Zigana by Nalena Fairey  *new at The Arcade

Stuffed Chair: Alouette by Scarlet Chandrayaan  *new at The Arcade

Stuffed Bear:  Sway’s by Sway Dench  *new at The Arcade

Pouf: Scarlet Apple by Apple Fall *new at The Arcade

Tea Set: Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop  *new at The Arcade

Music Box: [ContraptioN] by Faust Steamer  *new at The Arcade

Desk/Chairs:  DIGS by Iris Maskelyne  *new at The Arcade

Fortune Telling Ball: A.D.D Andel by Andel Rhiadra   *new at The Arcade

Telephone: Floorplan by Tegan Serin *new at The Arcade

Clock: LISP by Pandora Popstar  *new at The Arcade

Shirt:  Igenue by Betty Doyle  *new at The Arcade

Skin:  Glam Affair by Aida Ewing  *new at The Arcade

Hair:  Clawtooth by bubbles Clawtooth  *new at The Arcade

Eyes:  {Dead Apples} by Soleil Reid  *new at The Arcade

Shoes:  Pesca by tsugu Nirvana  *new at The Arcade

Jeans:  Cracked Mirror by Cracked Mirror

A New Home

So I have been setting up a new house for the last few weeks.  I removed the house that I shared, and am making this little house more about me.  I’ve made some other changes around the sim as well, but not too much other than the house.

I have always loved Lindini2 Lane’s homes (L2 Studio) and for now, I have selected the West Lake house.  I did some modifications to make the upstairs a little bigger and to add a roof top deck as well.  With the way this house sits up on one of the bluffs overlooking the lake, I wanted some outdoor space with a view.  I shopped high and low for the items that I have placed in the house, with some items straight from the inventory and some bought new… I have made the house my home and decided I’d dust off my blog and share pics!

My Home.c 012913

I have selected items from so many creators to add to my home.  It has been fun finding new fun things while out and about as well as getting ideas from various places.  Most of my furniture and decor items come from the following shops: LISP, LAQ Decor, Urbanized, Apple Fall, Scarlet Apple, Art Dummy, Chronokit, ILO, NULL, What Next, Cheeky Pea, Dutchie, Tatty Soup, Picnic, Floor Plan, Tranquility Way Station, Insight Designs, Post, Ikebana, One Grid, iTuTu, Frog’s Pond, MMG, JubJub, Naked Mesh.  You will see these items placed around my home and if you want to know where anything specific is from, please ask.

My Home.b 012913

My Home.a 012913

My Home.d 012913

I am sure that I will continue changing the rooms as I find fun new stuff and especially as mesh items catch my eye.  If you’d like to stop in for a cup of tea, a cupcake and a closer look, just find me in world and pop on over ❤

Be happy, enjoy the creations in SL and support the creators… and decorate!

with <3,



Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is. ~ Charles M. Schulz