.. a caravan weighed down ..

Walking around The Arcade Gacha Event, it is amazing to see all the cool and creative items that will be up for grabs starting March 1!  The creators have really done a great job making fun, cute, interesting and maybe even a few strange items that will be the “to die for” new craze starting tomorrow.  From decorative items for your house, to clothing, to shoes, and other accessories to wow out your avatar, you have to go to The Arcade Gacha Event once it opens on March 1.  Check out the coolness below:

The Arcade 7 022813

Behind me, a caravan weighed down

With bad dreams and ghosts of apologies

There’s no room, no room inside

For a hitcher with a suitcase of pride

The Arcade 8 022813


Caravan:  Zigana by Nalena Fairey  *new at The Arcade

Stuffed Chair: Alouette by Scarlet Chandrayaan  *new at The Arcade

Stuffed Bear:  Sway’s by Sway Dench  *new at The Arcade

Pouf: Scarlet Apple by Apple Fall *new at The Arcade

Tea Set: Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop  *new at The Arcade

Music Box: [ContraptioN] by Faust Steamer  *new at The Arcade

Desk/Chairs:  DIGS by Iris Maskelyne  *new at The Arcade

Fortune Telling Ball: A.D.D Andel by Andel Rhiadra   *new at The Arcade

Telephone: Floorplan by Tegan Serin *new at The Arcade

Clock: LISP by Pandora Popstar  *new at The Arcade

Shirt:  Igenue by Betty Doyle  *new at The Arcade

Skin:  Glam Affair by Aida Ewing  *new at The Arcade

Hair:  Clawtooth by bubbles Clawtooth  *new at The Arcade

Eyes:  {Dead Apples} by Soleil Reid  *new at The Arcade

Shoes:  Pesca by tsugu Nirvana  *new at The Arcade

Jeans:  Cracked Mirror by Cracked Mirror

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