~~A Little Surf, A Little Scuba – Our Shops on Sol Mañanero Surf~~

Along with the our three awesome merchants, Jac also has a couple of shops within our plaza at Sol Mañanero Surf.  We have changed things up a few times over the past eight plus months, and currently, we have the Sol Mañanero Surf Shop and the Sol Scuba shops open to provide the gear for two activities we enjoy in Second Life.

The Sol Mañanero Surf Shop!


In our surf shop, Jac carries Surf Systems Inc. (SSI) scripted surfboards designed by Analog Jun, Sebastian Saramago (SSI)  and Reaction.  The boards by Analog and Sebastian are long boards, which is the most popular length adn what most all new surfers start with.  The Reaction boards are shorties and perfect for pipelines… if you are an avid surfer, you should have one of each in your inventory!  Jac also has boards scripted and designed High Performance Designs (Leogarto Burt) for sale as well.  Our pet monkey hangs out in the surf shop keeping busy while waxing one of Jac’s boards on top of the counter.  Don’t hesitate to stop in and take a look!  


Sol Scuba Shop at Sol Mañanero Surf


Jac just reopened the scuba shop a month ago…and offers diving gear created by HEPS.  We have a good selection from the basic to the full avatar ready for a deep diving adventure!  The vendors in the shop also contain fish and other items that can get your own dive area started under your own waters.  If you plan on diving  more than once anywhere in Second Life, be sure to splurge for your own gear so that you don’t have to look for a rental kiosk at your fave diving location!   

The Shopping Plaza of Sol Mañanero Surf


Also along our plaza, Second Life photographer/artist/surfer, Bobbi Laval displays some of her art for sale. Come by and take a stroll to see the beautiful pieces she has to offer.  Every once in a while, you might even drop in to find Jac streaming some of his favorite tunes or subjecting me to the newest mixes in his music inventory while I dance alongside.    So stop on by, shop a bit, surf a little, or dive to the depths…or maybe just sit a spell and enjoy the sounds of the surf.  You are always welcome so feel free to join us any time on Sol Mañanero Surf.   

’til next time… happy surfing, shopping, diving and exploring!   


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