~~Lumeria on Roan~~

Lumeria …lumen,lux= light;  mer= sea, a land of light under the sea, Lumerians are beings of light under the sea


Peeking into Lumeria


As many might be aware, I am a dedicated member of Flickr, possibly to the point of a bit obsessed!  I try to look at most every new photo that a contact posts and really look at those that are of new places, interesting builds, etc.  Well, a few days ago, I was taking a look at photos and opened Adianna Price’s photostream.  There I found a beautiful photo in blues and golds, so I took a closer look and found that it was of a place called “Lumeria”.  I found it fascinating and thought…oh I will go there!  Luckily for me, Adi had included the SLURL in the description of her photos, so I headed over when I had the opportunity on Saturday.

Entering Lumeria...

I landed underwater at the entrance to this beautifully blue build and looked around to find areas for meditation, relaxation and reflection.  This was just the start.  I found a teleport and saw different locations, so I chose “Lotus Garden”  (I think).  And next thing I knew, I was on lily pads next to beautiful lotus blossoms.  Looking out, I realized that there were structures all around this watery build.  These all looked to blossom from the sea, in blues and sea-greens.  There are several places along the walk ways to stop for a dance or a cuddle and even tai chi, so a lovely place to relax with your love or good friends.  As I wondered around, I found that the build is circled by mountains and fully encased inside a bubble.

Mystical Lumeria

For me (and most that ever look at my Flickr will already know), I also found a fantastical place to take photos.  The blues, the sea-greens, the flowers, the structures and even the little fairies offered a lot of opportunity for photos of interest.  The rays of light along with the glowing crystals added to this.  Using the different ‘windlight’ enviro settings changed every view as the color of the sky and water played a part in each capture.  For more of my photos of Lumeria, visit my Flickr set dedicated to this beautiful place.

I enjoyed my stay in Lumeria… and was blessed to speak with the creator, Abel Moonites, who explained that this build was a true labor of love.  It was the love for the woman in his SLife that inspired the creation and he hopes that others will feel that love when they visit.  His creation is detailed and with thought…and yes, it is apparent that it was built with purpose.

A truly mystical place… when you have the chance, visit Lumeria on Roan.

’til next time… explore, explore!


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