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“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”  ~~  Liberty Hyde Bailey

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Last week I received notification that I was selected to represent The Little Branch as a blogger in Second Life. This was a very welcome notice and one that made me smile. I have admired Cari McKennan’s work and have watched the brand grow over the past several years. I love that he continues to grow and improve and offer new options such as animation, seasons, etc. I am therefore very excited to work with The Little Branch and share new and existing items.

Since I am newly joining the blog team, I took a trip over to Aspen Springs to tour the main store location. I have been over a few times since it opened in December but hadn’t captured any pics there yet so I decided to capture both some snaps as well as a video so that you can see just how lovely the whole region is:

When you land on the region, you find yourself in a warehouse area with big greenhouse style warehouses. You can find trees and flowers and such inside with each version shown in multiple sizes and seasons. Near the entrance, you will also find an area where you can find out which events The Little Branch is taking part in and what is being offered at those event locations – events such as Cosmopolitan, Sense, Limit8, The Liaison Collaborative, TMD, Shiny Shabby and more.

blog 012818 Little branch

After you leave the sales area, you can explore the sim where you will see so many different trees and flowers growing by the water and with buildings and all. The sim was designed and landscaped by Minnie Atlass and wow, did she do a great job! The trail is hilly and has such visual interest as you move from one part to another. Minnie incorporated so many of the grasses, flowers and trees into the scenes that it just feels so alive. There are a couple of beach areas, some rocky areas, and even a stream. There are quite a few places to park yourself and just enjoy the scenery or hang with a friend. If you enjoy snapping landscape pictures, then you definitely will enjoy a visit!

blog 012818 Little branch

And if you are creating your own regions, blogging scenes, parcels, stores, etc…you will not go wrong with selecting any products from The Little Branch.

Thank you The Little Branch for the opportunity to blog and share!

Pics and video captured at The Little Branch main store and sim on Aspen Springs

Little Branch LOGO

More ways to interact with The Little Branch:
Flickr Group
In-World Group

Music in the video:
Thom Byles – The Great Outdoors
Tay Oskee – That Place

.. visiting – L U N A – ..


“Personally, I do not know whether humankind is alone in this vast universe. But I do know that we should cherish our existence on this precious speck of matter… the greatest gift that could be bestowed upon us. For all practical purposes, there is only one planet Earth”.     ~ Ban Ki-moon

LUNA blog 012118

Syn Beresford Zane has created another amazing scene in Second Life. When Syn closed ‘The Salted Ruins’, she revealed that another creation was on its way and scheduled for the end of the year. The members of Elysion patiently waited until the day the notice came.. – L U N A – The Story of Humankind is open!

Entering through the portal, you teleport down to a terrain vehicle. Looking around you see figures in spacesuits, communication towers, living quarters – the semblance of a settlement in a far-off land… a planet called – L U N A -.  The settlers were a select group of botanists, astronauts, and scientific experts sent to explore the planet as Earth was no longer a viable home. Team descended on – L U N A – in the year 2024 and attempted to thrive. This journey was hopeful – a chance to save the human race. As you explore the settlement, you soon realize… all the figures you see are no longer alive – skeletons frozen in time; useful items sitting empty without purpose; the air heavy with particles; a strange buzz in the air. You wonder… what happened here? The settlers had not communicated with their home base in many weeks, possibly months … and with all dead, will the reasons ever be discovered? Perhaps there is a sign, a journal… or maybe, a diary. Shall we continue to look?

LUNA blog 012118 b

Visit – L U N A – in Second Life … if you are a member of the |Elysion| group. To join the group, visit >> HERE



In the video, I am wearing the Astrosuit from Rune Magic.

Music is from Kevin Kendle – “Ancient Light”

.. it came upon a midnight…crystal clear ..



Workout + Cute = possible? by Anarinya Crystal

Here we are on Christmas eve, one of the most enchanting days of the year for many. This can be said for those that are young and those that are older as well. As part of the holiday season, I took part in the Blogger and Vlogger Network Secret Santa Swap. Basically it is a challenge to promote another blogger while being promoted by someone else. I submitted my blog/name in to the mix and agreed to take a name/blog as well. In this ‘Swap’, I received the name of Anarinya Crystal – a new to me blogger which made this especially cool as it is an opportunity to learn about someone new!


Old Painting of Yorkshire Farm Life by Anarinya Crystal

Don’t you love her name…? Anarinya sounds so pretty when I say it and heck I’m probably not even pronouncing it correctly. In her profile, Ana tells us that Anarinya means “my sun” in Quenya, a language of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I love that! And it is a coincidence that my name is Sun(shine)!


Templemore Backyard by Anarinya Crystal

Using a play on her avatar name, Anarinya’s blog is called “Ana’s Crystals“. Ana took some time off from blogging for several months but jumped back in sometimes in early November. When she started back, she indicated that her goal was to blog what she enjoys/loves… and it appears she really has jumped back in with both feet! Ana posts a blog with a gorgeous pic nearly every day! I also am a “blog what I love” kind of blogger so I totally understand that approach – less stress, more enjoyable. Anarinya also works with her best friend – Sassy Nitely – as a brand manager for Sassy’s brand – Chic Moda.


The Chic Moda main store

In preparing for this blog, I did contact Ana to ask if I could feature her pics on this post. Thankfully she agreed so I can show you how great her pics are! I chose from her most popular on her Flickr stream but then I chose a couple of others that I just like because of their boldness!


You Should Do More by Anarinya Crystal

So back to Christmas Eve…yes we are back to this because when I asked Ana what her most favorite Christmas memory is, she shared this one with me:
“On the 24th, when my parents started to decorate the living room, I was sent to my bedroom. and every year I was laying on the floor, peeking under the door to take a peek at Santa’s black boots. Which, of course, I never got to see. Explanation was always “aww and again he came through the back door, hunny” or “oh that was when you were in the bathroom.” While Ana said there were so many other fun and happy memories, this was what came to her mind first. I love this memory because it tells me that she was a happy little girl who believed in the magic of Santa and she so believed that she would try and try to see his boots every year… just his boots! She was persistent and even though she was let down because she missed his appearance, she would be right there again the following year. This also tells me that Ana has great determination and dedication.

I believe Ana shows this in her blogging as well – she is determined and dedicated to show us the awesome things she finds in her journey through Second Life. I hope you will take a look and follow her on Flickr, on Facebook and/or follow her blog! And be sure to check out Chic Moda while you are at it and if you see Ana around, say hi!


Virtual Nights by Anarinya Crystal

Ana… thank you for letting me take a little peek into your blogging life and also for sharing such a sweet and fun memory. I send you the best Christmas wishes and I hope that you finally see Santa’s black boots this year! ❤

Adobe Spark (29)

All pics taken and posted originally by Anarinya Crystal with the exception of the pic of Chic Moda (snapped by me).