~~The Winter SOLstice Celebration~~

YULE by Corinne Whitby

Winter returns,
Bringing short, cold days and long, dark nights.
But all around us,
Bright against the dark background of the season,
Moments of light abound.
The warm glow of a fire in the hearth,
Candles in the night.
The pale but welcoming brightness of the winter sun
hanging low in the sky.
The moon.
A star.
The bright radiance of a child’s face lit up with a joy that holds nothing back.
An inner glow of satisfaction as I recall a bright memory to treasure forever.
A spark of light at the thought of a friend.
I wish for you Bright Blessings of many such moments of light this winter.

Join us on Friday, December 17th at 7pm SLT to for an early celebration of the
Winter SOLstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  Our sims have been completely
recreated into an arctic winter blast!  Dress warmly as we will party on the ice as
DJ Azu Catteneo lays down some awesome beats.  And be sure to turn your
environment to “region default” or set to 9pm or midnight before you arrive.

Before, during or after the party, experience the Arctic Surf in SL…surfing with the
orcas as the icebergs drift around you…Show us your spins on the iced over lake…
Hop on a sled and zip down our sled hill onto the ice.  Explore and share the freshness of winter with the animals as they graze and watch from around the sims.

We hope you will come experience Winter SOLstice with us and look forward to
seeing you here!   Please feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier!  🙂


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