Experiencing the amazingly creative environments in Second Life can be very inspiring at times.  Some builds last for months and years, while others are merely built for a single event and are gone in a short time.  These short-lived creations are sometimes the most amazing and make you wonder how much time and energy the creator expended to put them together.  These “artists” do this for many reasons…to highlight other products (such as for a fashion show); for a holiday event; for a social get-together; or maybe just to celebrate a special happening.  Whatever the reason, the residents of Second Life benefit from the creativity and “eye-candy” that these builds offer.

Maddox DuPont, the owner of MADesigns, MAD Agency and KMADD, created a fantastic set for Modavia Productions” POPArt 2010 event and opened the KMadd Event sim for one last look the other day.  This POPArt 2010 event was a collaboration of Modavia Productions, Modern Gypsy and MAD Agency and showcased fashion inspired by the POPArt movement of the late ’50s and early ’60s.  While I did not make it to the show, I heard that it was fantastic and very well presented (and attended).  The set is truly eye-catching and the fashions would have “POPPED” off the runway… the stark colors and fun whimsical environment just added to the atmosphere.   Maddox, the set creator extraordinaire himself, published a machinima piece capturing highlights of the show, be sure to check it out!

Second Life is definitely a place where our creative forces can smash together in collaborative nature.  So many places to see and experience that allow our imaginations to be fed… and for fantasies to form.   Thank you Maddox for opening this set (as you often do) to allow us to capture our own interpretations…

Explore, explore, explore… find your imagination and soar!


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