When I received a notice from Nalena Fairey via the SL House & Garden Too group in Second Life telling us that the Zigana sim was open again, I knew that would be one of my first stops when I logged in again.  Nalena’s last sim design was a watery, airy space and so well done.  I had no doubt that her newest build would be good as well.

Well, I have to tell you, this sim is just awesome.  Nalena still used a lot of water in much of the sim but then built up a hilly area with a little village and then paths to other sweet spots. The village sits into the hill with a lovely courtyard and the entry to her shop.

Nalena creates some awesome items for your sim and your homes…I just love her grasses and have used them on our last two sim environments.  Outside the village, you can head down to the little dilapidated pier and get a feel of the breeze coming across the water.  Nalena has placed a tree just off the pier with a swing, such a great place to sit and think for a bit.

Then back to dry land, the path heads up the hill to a camping area with a beautiful view and then on around to a wonderfully huge tree that appears to be a lively party scene.

The sim has such a relaxing, airy feel to it…nearly old world but with a sense of fantasy.  Definitely visit Zigana to see Nalena’s creations but also to explore her beautiful showcase.




p.s. These are all unedited photos from Second Life with only the borders added…great sim for photo ops!

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