Have you been to HuMaNoiD on the Gilmour sim?  If you haven’t, you really should take the time to visit.  This sim is the creation of Wendy Xeno who has provided the Second Life resident with a respite from the ordinary.  When you arrive, you are surrounded by doors … each a teleport access to take you to a various scenes which Wendy has staged so beautifully.   With one, you arrive in a lake scene… a row-boat in the center… a place for you and your love to share some time.

Another lands you in a world of winter, with an igloo to curl up in.

Yet another, drops you into a ball room, complete with an intan ball for dancing.

Be sure to enter through each door, as each provides a unique experience.

Once back on the ground, also take the time to explore the areas across the water… a campground, an area to have a spot of tea, and a cemetery… all unique and perfect for spending time with a friend, photo opportunities or just some quiet time on your own.

Be sure to visit Wendy’s beautifully serene creation…HuMaNoiD

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