.. world’s end garden ..

Worlds End Garden 7
Have you ever visited the World’s End Garden sim?  You land in a flower filled space where you find a carousel slowly bobbling as it turns.  Once you see the bubbles and maybe hear the sounds, you realize you are under water and must find your way out.  Take a moment first to absorb the surroundings and head up the steps to find the “door” which will allow you to teleport to the surface.

Worlds End Garden 1

You arrive on a tiny little island facing a beautiful glass building across the water with the snow falling softly around you.  Proceed across the water and open the giant door to enter the ballroom type building.  You will find the floor filled with flowers and a tree growing in the center.  A crystal piano sits in the expansive space and there is a beautiful draped sitting area too.  Upon the tree rests a little butterfly, click for dance balls if you are exploring with a friend… and take a moment to twirl through the flowers.

Worlds End Garden 2

After you have left the glass atrium style ballroom, take a look around the sim.  In the northeast corner, the ruins of a church sits within the trees, explore the build and find the door with a portal to another scene above the sim… a very intriguing altar scene set within a tree.

Worlds End Garden 3

Worlds End Garden 4

Returning through the portal in the sky, look toward the northwest corner of the sim and explore the gothic ruins, again, looking for a door to teleport to another scene in the sky.  This time you find a tree with birdcages that is lovely scene as well.

Worlds End Garden 5

Descend back to the ground and head across the water to the south side of the sim where you will find the World’s End Garden shop.  In this dilapidated build, Lucia Genesis has gathered a few of her items in vendors including some clothes, furniture, and decor.  Additionally, you can join the group… Lucia always has some nice group gifts as well.  And keep in mind, that as you have traveled throughout the sim, many of the items that you have come across were also for sale.  World’d End Garden is a great sim to spend some time exploring the scenes, shopping, taking pics and maybe even dancing.   If you visit, be sure to have your sounds turned on, and be ready to play with wind light settings to help experience the various scenes in many different ways.

Worlds End Garden 6


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