.. only a week away from gacha goodness ..

Can you believe that it is nearly September?  Well, be happy that it is, because September 1 brings another amazing round at The Arcade!  This quarterly event is certainly one that we all wait for… to see the awesome creations that so many designers offer to us in those much loved Gacha machines.  Okay maybe they aren’t so loved when you just can’t get that ‘rare’ items you are coveting, but I can bet you will try quite a few times before giving up!  This September also marks the one year anniversary for The Arcade, so that has brought a revamped website and some other goodies to be revealed.

Whew.. that is indeed a wonderful line up of creators!  I can’t wait!!   Be sure to save your linden this week so that you can play Gacha to your heart’s content once the event opens… and remember you will have until September 30th to visit so don’t get too discouraged if you can’t get in over the first few days!

Watch The Arcade’s website for more information or check out FacebookFlickr, or Plurk


(texture from The Arcade’s Facebook page)

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