.. there is no love here and there is no pain ..

the last stop 082413

Looking through the Second Life Destination Guide recently, I stumbled upon ‘The Fade’ located on The Last Stop sim.   This post-apocalyptic build by Storm Septimus is well done and has many places to explore.  It has an area for art, a couple of places set up for DJs, and lots of places to hang out.  For those of us that are looking for cool backdrops, it definitely has some areas that would qualify.

the last stop 082413 b

The description in the ‘about land’ goes like this:

“For so long as men have dreamed, we have walked the paths of the Fade. Always as close as our own thoughts, but impossibly separated from our world”
The Fade… an unexpected place to dream.

The Fade definitely is a place to visit and explore!




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