.. it’s just around the corner ..


The Arcade Gacha Event opens in less than 2 days!  This event is one of the favorites across the grid and brings many creators together in one location for lots of gacha fun.  The December round is sure to not disappoint.  The Shopping Guide is up and there are definitely some items that we all will be clamoring for … buying and buying with the hope to get the particular color or that ever evasive rare item.  The trading between friends, trading within the group and making new friends and just the overall fight to get onto the sim. Patience is indeed a virtue when The Arcade first opens the gates.  Remember that the event lasts the full month so you do have some time. And as almost every item is transfer…you might score some great holiday gift ideas as well!  Keep your ears open with your friends so you will know what they might be coveting from this round… and if you are a gacha addict, you will most likely have just the right thing holding a spot in your inventory.  And did you know, there is always a contest for those pics that you take with all of your goodies?  Check out the contest info here!

Check out The Arcade’s website for latest news, blogger posts and of course, don’t miss The Shopping Guide.


Image from The Arcade Gacha event website

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