.. it’s a pug’s day ..

twinklepug Arcade 112913

I squealed when I saw The Arcade Gacha prize from Culprit!  The Pugs are just adorable and so many options to win.  The face is so very detailed and has such expression…just like pugs do!  There are so many different ones too.  The rares include Voyager Pug which is wearing a space bubble helmet and his green space suit; the Clint Pugwood with his big cowboy hat and badge; and the Pug of Steel … yes, the superpug of them all!  But don’t think that all the cuteness is in the rares.. oh no!  Cuteness abounds through the prizes so you can’t go wrong with Pug Angel, Tinkerpug or Nursey Pug.  Even Frankenpug, Count Pugula and Risky Pugniz are cute!  What about the musical options with Elvis Pugsley, Lady Pugaga and even Daft Pug?  And there are also the holiday options with Grinch Pug, Elf Pug and Pugdolf!  So take a look at The Arcade Shopping Guide and decide which is your favorite so that you can head out to The Arcade Gacha Event on December 1st and start playing to win the Pug of your dreams!

pugs 1 Arcade 112913

Pugs 2 Arcade 112913

pugs 3 Arcade 112913

Pugs 4 Arcade 112913


Pugs from Culprit by Eku Zhong (The Arcade Gacha Event – December 2013)
::WetCat:: Builds and Poses by Wetcat Flux
{.:Exposeur:.} Poses by RubyStarlight Writer
Location:  Sol Existence

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