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Join Us to Kick – Off

A Journey of Promise

Relay For Life of Second Life

March 7 – 9, 2014

We will begin the Relay For Life of Second Life JOURNEY on March 7th with a weekend kick-off celebration!  This is the 10th year for RFL in Second Life and we want it to be the biggest year ever!   We have seen a great start with the excitement from teams and the rush to start fund-raising via Convio.  Now it will be time to officially start the season and we have put together a weekend of fun!

For Kick Off Weekend, we have a Journey Through the Continents.  This path around the world will be set up providing participating teams the opportunity to set up some tools and KICK OFF their fundraising in SL! We will be opening the sims on the evening of Friday March 7th and will hold a team set – up and tailgate party with T1 Radio streaming across the sims.

On Saturday, March 8th, the excitement will continue with the Kick Off Ceremony at Noon where the Planning Committee and other committee members will formally start the season.  T1 Radio will be streaming the ceremony live!

All afternoon and into the night, we will have entertainment from live music, to DJs, to more!  We will even have the opportunity for teams to run “kissing booths” to raise more funds!

And then on Sunday, March 9th, we will start early morning with music to liven up the day, a dance troupe performance, and then … are you ready…?   Family Feud will be played at 1pm SLT on Sunday!   This will provide the opportunity to 3 teams to play along with the Planning Committee (Sting, Nikki, Random, Dawn, and MamaP) to see who can win the Feud!  After the games, we will continue to have great music across the sims until 10PM SLT.

So … are you asking yourself… how can my team participate?

Team Participation –  In order to have a presence on the Journey Through the Continents, you will need to register via this Google form by 11:59PM SLT on Monday March 3rd:


  • Teams do not have to build anything!  Your team will be assigned an area and will have a sign.  We will send out the location information to the contacts for each team, so you will be able to find your spot and rez when the sims open.
  • Teams will be able to put out a kiosk.  We encourage teams to also hold a raffle or a silent auction with something special to be awarded the winner/top bidder.  If your team is setting up a raffle or auction, we ask that the start time be on Friday, March 7th and the end time be at 3pm SLT on Sunday, March 9th.   There will also be the opportunity for each team to display up to 6 vendors too!
  • Teams will have the opportunity to sign up to manage one of 4 kissing booths in one hour increments from around 2pm SLT on Saturday afternoon until 8PM Sunday night.   Please be sure to mark the form appropriately.  Each team will be able to rez a kiosk and set their price.  Each team that raises $1700L in their kiosk during their hour will win “Kiss Me, I RELAY” T-Shirts!

Family Feud – Our Planning Committee has agreed to play the game of Family Feud!  Would your team like to be one of the 3 other teams in this mini-Feud tournament?   If so… sign up via this Google form as possible (by 7am SLT on Tuesday, March 4):  

  • Selected teams will be based upon first come-first serve.
  • We will notify the first 3 teams that registered, and will also select a few as alternates.
  • The Playing Teams must have 5 players
  • Each team will need to list their 5 primary players, plus 2-3 alternates.
  • Game will be played in SL Voice – all players must be able to use SL Voice
  • There is a $2500L entry fee which can be paid to the team’s kiosk (another fund-raising opportunity) – The transaction history will need to be sent to TylerPin showing that the payment was made between 7pm SLT on Friday March 7th and 10am SLT on March 9th.
  • Game instructions will be provided to the Playing Teams before the game.

The winning team will win Bragging Rights and “We Won The Feud” T-Shirts… and maybe… a trophy!

We will post the Weekend Schedule by March 2nd and will have the Landmarks distributed on March 7th prior to the opening of the sims.

We look forward to Kicking Off the 10th season of Relay For Life of Second Life – A Journey of Promise!

For more information about Relay For Life of Second Life:



SL wiki


For more information about American Cancer Society or Relay For Life, in general:

American Cancer Society

Relay For Life

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