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We are less than 3 weeks away from the event we have been building up towards since March 8th. Okay, okay, we have really been working towards this since August 11, 2013, the day after our last season wrapped up! The 10th Annual Relay For Life of Second Life will take place on July 19-20 – the 10th Anniversary, can you believe it? There is a lot to share on what will be happening over the next few weeks, so let’s get started.

Team Campsite Registration started a few weeks ago and we do have a good number of teams that will be joining us on the track – YAY! We are so pleased that you want to be out there with us to CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, and FIGHT BACK! If you have looked at the map around American Cancer Society region in the last week, you might have noticed a number of sims that have cropped up on the map. Yep…this is it, the sims have been delivered and the Build Team have been busy busy busy trying to get the regions cut, parceled, track placed, etc. This task has taken a little longer, as you will see the track is a wee bit different this year.

So what is the schedule?

July 1 – Designers will be allowed on the regions to start their builds. Designers are those that will be creating showcase areas that will share their vision of A Journey of Promise. We give them a head start so that they can get their terraforming completed and most of their building done so that we can get the regions ready for the Teams and Mega-Events to step in.

July 2nd to 7th – Team Captains will receive requests to provide builders and terraformers to the Design committee via Google Forms so that we can set up access. The group that will be used will be the RFL of SL Land and Events Mgmt group. The numbers of builders and terraformers should remain low. We suggest only 2 terraformers (land movers) per Team and up to 4 others that can rez (prim pushers).

July 7th – Teams and Mega-Events will be allowed on the regions to start building and setting up!

July 16th – All building and set up must be completed by Midnight on July 16th (that’s right before the day turns to July 17th)

July 17th – REGIONS will be closed to all so that a walk-through inspection can be completed with Linden Lab support. This walk through will provide the opportunity to check for any issues that would be causing excessive lag or any problems on the track. This will also give the Build team the opportunity to ensure that the track areas are smooth and do not have any holes or gaps causing difficult passage. Any issues found will be reported to all and any corrections will be managed accordingly.

July 18th – REGIONS reopen for last minute building and corrections to be made as needed. Judging for AWARDS begins at 6pm SLT, so be sure you are ready! Regions will open in the evening to members of the Volunteer groups only. Be sure that your teammates are members of the RFL of SL Volunteers group or the RFL of SL Volunteers – Info Only group so that they can join you on the track on Friday night before Relay!

10am – OPENING CEREMONY! – join us at the Activities Regions or listen on the stream or at!
11am – CELEBRATE – We give the track over to those that we honor – our Survivors and Caregivers. During this lap, only survivors and caregivers should be on the track
12:30pm – TEAMS – We welcome the teams to the track joining with Survivors and Caregivers…celebrating and honoring!
….And the Themed Laps Begin!
2pm – CRAZY HAT – wear the craziest hat you can find!
3pm – CARTOON CHARACTER/ANIME – become that cartoon character of your dreams!
4pm – BLACK AND WHITE – wear only black and white during this lap!
5pm – SCIFI/FANTASY – represent the Sci-Fi or Fantasy character that you wish to be!
6pm – PIRATES – arrgghhh mateys, pull out your eye patches, pirate hats, scarves and more!
7pm – BALD IS BEAUTIFUL – and so it is… let’s honor those that have gone bald for the cause or due to treatment and remove that hair!
8pm – PURPLE! – what is our favorite color? Yep! You got it…Purple from head to toe!
9pm – REMEMBER – this is our Luminaria Ceremony Lap, a time to remember those that are no longer among us. We darken the regions, and walk quietly with glow of the luminarias to guide our way as we listen to the Luminaria Ceremony Dedications (have you submitted yours?)
10pm – MOST COLORFUL – how many colors can you wear?!?
11pm – 10TH ANNIVERSARY – ONE TEAM! Listen to the Planning Committee as they entertain us through the hour!
12AM/Midnight – PJ PARTY – put your jammies on … but DO NOT go to bed!
1am – HOPPY BALL BOUNCE WITH US – let’s bounce bounce bounce around the track! Find your hoppy balls in the Relay Info Stations!
2am – SIXTIES (60’s) – it’s groovy dude! Tie-dye and mini-skirts! Peace baby!
3am – BEACH PARTY – beach party beach party there on the track… but be sure to wear sunscreen!
4am – KIDS and CHILDREN – dress up as a kid, become a toddleedoo, shrink your avi… let’s play!
5am – HEROES EVERY DAY AND SUPER – we all have those we consider heroes…who is yours? Superman, parents, doctors, Batman, WonderWoman, etc!
6am – FIGHT BACK – it’s time to make that pledge…what will YOU do to fight back against CANCER? Listen in to the special ceremony!
7am – INTERNATIONAL, CELEBRATE YOUR NATION! – wave your flag, dress up in your colors, show us your costumes!
8am – COFFEE AND DONUTS IT’S BREAKFAST TIME! – good morning… we all need that shot of caffeine to keep us on the track…just a bit longer!
9am – FORMAL HOUR – time to put on your finest gowns and suits and walk the track in those dress shoes.. we are almost there!
10am – CLOSING CEREMONY – head over to the Activities Regions and tune in to the stream!
11am – VICTORY LAP – It is time to walk the track once more… meet the Relay Committee… Celebrate YOUR Relay!
12:30pm – RAFFLE DRAWS – be sure to buy your tickets before this time!
1pm – SILENT AUCTIONs end – did you place the winning bid?
Continue to walk the track, visit the campsites, the designer builds, the mega event campsites, the museum, etc.


Our REMEMBER Lap which is held at 9pm SLT on July 19 is a very special lap. It is also called the Luminaria lap as it is when we darken the regions and allow the glow of the lit luminarias guide our way. The luminarias line the track and a linden donation will change their color and will light them up. A donation also gives you the opportunity to leave a message naming the special person or group that you’d like to honor or remember. Our goal is to have every luminaria lit before the REMEMBER lap but definitely by the end of Closing Ceremony. The donation amount defines the color based upon the following:
(Minimum donation of L$50)
L$50 – L$999 – Green
L$1000 – L$2499 – Orange
L$2500 – L$4999 – Blue
L$5000 – L$7499 – Yellow
L$7500 – L$9999 – Pink
L$10000 or more – Purple + Fireworks!

In the midst of your JOURNEY around the track, there are many other things that you can take part in over the weekend:
On the Activities Regions:
Live Music from 2pm on July 19th until
DJs from 2pm on July 19th until
Several Productions including a MerDance group, a tribute band, and possibly more!
Silent Auction
Art Auction (Silent)
Team Market Place and Gotya Fair – yes, a place for YOUR team to place your vendors/raffles/auctions/random riots/gotya vendors! (more info to come)
RFL of SL Museum – visit and see artifacts, pictures and info about the journey of RFL in SL over the past 10 years!

On the Track:
Visit the Survivor/Caregiver Campsite to honor those heroes among us!
Visit the Water Activities Region (RFL Promise) to watch the sail races!
Visit the Designer Regions to explore their interpretation of A Journey of Promise
Visit the Mega-Event Campsites to learn more about the events that reach out to so much of the grid
Visit the TEAM Campsites, meet new friends, reacquaint with old, and celebrate ONE TEAM!



Watch for more information as we continue to finalize the details!



For more information about Relay For Life of Second Life:



SL wiki


For more information about American Cancer Society or Relay For Life, in general:

American Cancer Society

Relay For Life

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