.. it’s summer time breedables fair ..



The “It’s Summer Time Breedables Fair” kicked off on July 2nd and the three (3) region event is moving along quite strongly.  This event with a theme of “If I Only Had a Cure” is one of the 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life Mega-Events benefiting the American Cancer Society.  The Breedables community have been wonderful supporters for RFL of SL for several years and 2014 is no exception.  There are approximately 45 exhibitors participating this summer and there is so much to do and see – Mini Auctions, The Flying Monkey Hunt, Market Displays, Limited Editions, plus musical entertainment.

If you are interested in Breedables, know about Breedables, or just want to find out what is new … you should stop in at the Fair before it closes on July 16th. The grounds have a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme and there is a lot to see.  There is entertainment nearly every day and the regions have been hopping!

To visit, just click on one of these links for a landing point:

Breedables 1

Breedables 2

Breedables 3

On July 12th at 2pm SLT, the Fair will present the Breedables Collector’s Auction.  This is a premier Breedables community event and provides the opportunity for some truly amazing collectables.  All bidders must be pre-registered, so check out the OOAK webpage today so that you can find out more.





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