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The regions were delivered recently for the 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life.  The Build/Design team – Grace Loudon Devin and Sean Devin – were immediately busy setting up the track and preparing the sims for the designers and teams that will be participating for the event.  Grace is our awesome Build Lead and the change in the region/track layout required a lot more work than last year.  She managed it like a pro and got the track laid out and everything moving forward.  We have several designers building some very creative spaces which is always fun to watch.  The RFL of SL Teams, the heart of Relay, were given access to start their campsite builds this week.  All I can say is WOW!


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Within 24 hours, there was an amazing amount of building completed, and in 48 hours, even more!  Fuzzball Ortega mentioned that he loved to see the build start-up because it just is so cool to see it from nothing to something amazing.  I agree!  Watching the team builders standing there and creating their space can be inspiring.  Seeing the team’s interpretation of the 2014 theme “A Journey of Promise” is really awesome.  The varied genres make it even more exciting to see.  From futuristic SciFi to the westerny steamy sub-genre of Steam Punk; continuing to the merfolk, elven circles and all of Fantasy; passing to the fun and kid friendly Family groups; crossing to the ancient in Medieval and the historical West; finding the life of Breedables; and carrying on through any number of clubs and groups of friends sharing their own visions…  all volunteers that give so much each year to Relay For Life in Second Life.  We will have 81 teams around the track this year.  We will have representation of all of the 2014 season Mega-Events that have supported RFL of SL.  We have at least 11 wonderfully talented sim designers/builders joining us. And we have 4 audio media partners plus our wonderful video telethon crew!

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The regions will be coming to life and will open to the public on July 19th.  The Opening Ceremony starts at 10am SLT and we will be on the track for the following 24 hours as we CELEBRATE our Survivors and Caregivers; REMEMBER those that are no longer with us; and pledge to FIGHT BACK in our own way against cancer.  We hope that you will walk with us… and continue to support, honor, encourage and give to an amazing event – the 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life – the 10th Anniversary!

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Relay For Life of Second Life is a fund-raising event benefiting the American Cancer Society.


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For more information about Relay For Life of Second Life:



SL wiki


For more information about American Cancer Society or Relay For Life, in general:

American Cancer Society

Relay For Life

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