.. march one brings ..



March First will bring another round of the popular Arcade Gacha Event.  Each quarter, Second Life residents await the offerings from favorite and new creators and then jam up the sims for days trying to get “just the right one” from the machines.  The Gacha machines overheat, the lag frustrates, but yet, we vigilantly strive to ‘win’ every rare or desired item from those fun little machines.

The March 2015 round of The Arcade is sponsored by some awesome creators – 8f8, Azul, Olive, Pure Poison, Tentacio and What Next. You can find out more information about these brands by clicking > HERE.

Over 100 vendors will be taking part in this round including 11 new brands – do you see your favorites listed HERE?

With just over 9 days to go, the shopping guide will be updating in the next days so you can find just how many linden you need to save up for your journey to The Arcade Gacha Event.  Keep checking their website to watch for updates.

Other ways to follow The Arcade are via

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