.. been gone a while ..

But I am now back!  I traveled and then got super busy with work and just failed to find the the time to blog.  I visited Portugal and just fell in love with the countryside and the lovely warm people.  It was a fun trip even if we didn’t get to cruise on the Douro which was the original intent!  From Lisbon to Obidos to Sintra to the Douro Valley and ending up in Porto – all in all it was wonderful!

Some snaps from my trip:

Looking out over Lisbon

.. looking over Lisbon ..


Through the buildings in Sintra

.. a view in Sintra Portugal ..


Through the window out to the vineyards in Douro Valley

.. vineyards in Portugal ..


I took over 2000 pics during my travels and it will take me forever to cull them for the keepers.  But these were some shots that were taken just to share 🙂

Traveling is good for the soul. Even if it is just to a nearby town, getting away and exploring makes for a wonderful adventure.  Do it, your psyche will thank you ♥


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