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arcade june 2016

Can you believe that in only 10 days, at the strike of midnight in SLT as the calendar page turns to June 1, another round of The Arcade will open?  Time really does move too quickly sometimes. However, it’s always an awesome month when the new quarter arrives and we can shop like crazy at The Arcade!  Snippets and teasers have already been seen on Flickr and designer blogs and more and more will be shared as we move closer to the opening.

In the meantime, The Arcade has made some exciting changes.  This round brings the addition of player awards.  The gacha machines have been updated and for those designers participating, if you play their machine a lot.. on the 50th pull, you will receive a special prize!  You’ll know if the creator is participating as there will be a picture of the prize by the machine.  These prizes will only be available during the current round and once the round closes, those prizes will be buried deep in the designer’s basement.  The prizes will be no transfer so these are for YOU only as a reward for being a dedicated gacha player!

The Arcade has also introduced a “Friends of The Arcade” option that allows you to put your name in lights as an avid supporter of The Arcade.  The Arcade team has commissioned an awesome one of a kind fountain from Cory Edo of Trompe  L’oeil and the names of those that donate will be displayed.  You can make your donation and learn more via the marketplace listing.

arcade fota fountain


The June round is right around the corner and the content creators that will be participating include:

arcade june 2016 vendors

To keep up with the happenings and news at The Arcade, check these out:


(pics from The Arcade website and Facebook pages)

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