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Blog 021718 Little Branch HazelNut Tree Sense Event

The Little Branch created the HazelNut Tree for the new round of the Sense event which opened on February 15, 2018, and runs for 25 days.

This HazelNut Tree  is a four (4) season tree and it is animated too. The animation is very light and natural. The tree is 100% mesh and the permissions are copy/mod. You can change the size but as with all mesh, just watch the land impact. I’ve also created a video showing the seasonal changes (Spring>Summer>Autumn/Fall>Winter) and the light movement of the leaves:

Just a little general information about Hazel trees (printed from Woodland Trust) –

  • the scientific name is Corylus avellana and the family is Betulaceae
  • it is a deciduous tree native to the United Kingdom though there is also an American HazelNut
  • hazelnut trees can live for around 80 years with coppiced stands living for several hundres years
  • The tree branches are so bendy/limber in the spring. You can actually tie a knot in a limb and it will not break.
  • Hazels are wind pollinated and the pollen is not sticky so the grains repel against each other. This causes difficult for bees when trying to gather pollen.
  • Leaves are soft to touch because of the hairy undersides.
  • The delicious hazelnut only forms once the female flower is wind pollinated. First the fruit is oval and hangs in groups. At maturity, there is a woody shell surrounding the nuts which also is within a bract of leaves.

Head over to the Sense event before it closes to pick up the HazelNut Tree. And for more amazing trees and flowers for your land, visit The Little Branch mainstore sim too!

HazelNut from The Little Branch (Sense Event – February 15 – March 9) @
Fluffy grass from The Little Branch @ (included in HazelNut tree package)
Snakeweed from The Little Branch
Riverwood tree from The Little Branch
Riverbeech tree from The Little Branch

Sol Existence sim

Music in video – Medicine by LiamM


More ways to interact with The Little Branch:
Flickr Group
In-World Group

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