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To the great tree-loving fraternity we belong. We love trees with universal and unfeigned love, and all things that do grow under them or around them — the whole leaf and root tribe. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

blog 020318 The Little Branch Giant Beech Sense Event

The Little Branch created the Giant Beech tree for the new Sense event which opened on January 15, 2018, and runs for 25 days. That means you have around 6 more days to pick up this big beautiful tree at the event.

This Giant Beech is a four (4) season tree and it is animated too. The animation is very light and natural. The tree is 100% mesh and the permissions are copy/mod. You can change the size but as with all mesh, just watch the land impact.

Just a little general information about beech trees (printed from Woodland Trust) –

  • the scientific name is Fagus sylvatica and the family is Fagaceae
  • it is a large deciduous tree
  • beech trees can live for hundreds of years with coppiced stands living for more than 1,000 years
  • In Celtic mythology, Fagus was the god of beech trees. It was thought to have medicinal properties – beech leaves were used to relieve swellings, and boiling the leaves could make a poultice. Forked beech twigs are also traditionally used for divining

Head over to the Sense event before it closes to pick up the Giant Beech. And for more amazing trees and flowers for your land, visit The Little Branch mainstore sim too!

Giant Beech trees from The Little Branch (Sense Event – Jan 15 to Feb 9) @

Sol Existence sim




More ways to interact with The Little Branch:
Flickr Group
In-World Group



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